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Gamemakers please read. - Comet - 09-11-2019

Forum staff, if this is in the wrong section please don't delete it straight away, let me copy it first. I couldn't really find a location on the forums to post it where only CWRP players would see it.

(1) In-game name & Steam ID (can be obtained by the TAB menu in game, or by using 

CT 0599 Odin


(2)Your suggestion: 

Improving events (read before you judge).

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

I'd like to begin by saying I understand we're unable to use NPCs until the issue causing hard crashes has been fixed, but this is by no means limited to recent events.

I'm going to be quite blunt to make sure my point gets across; some of the events recently have been boring and plain bad. I'm not here to insult, I'm here to hopefully give pointers on what makes events interesting for players. I've played CWRP for 4 years now and have done my fair share of events as an Admin on SBS, so I've seen pretty much every type of event possible.

I'm going to list a generic event that I've been involved in a few times recently which have been really stale/boring. It usually goes something like this:

Someone randomly becomes a Commodore, states that there is an infection, or a prisoner, or something of the sort on the ship without any context or information as to why or how they've gotten there. Then a high health enemy is sent onto our ship to attack the players and retrieve the priosner or is a product of the infection. Lots and lots of players are killed by this high health enemy which is not fun at all (why bother playing if you know as soon as you see that enemy you're going to die). They either steal the priosner or spread the infection and head up to MHB control to murder the naval staff (usually me) and open all of the doors on the ship, leaving us open to enemy attack and room for them to escape. The problem with this is GMs railroad so badly in these events (railroading is where you don't adapt to what the players do, you just make sure your event goes how you want it to). The problem with railroading is it makes the players feel completely useless, because regardless of what they do to try and stop a specific event from happening - even if it's a sound plan to prevent it - the event will happen anyway because the GM needs it to. 

Essentially the things that make events bad for players (like me at least):

- Lack of context for the event, so the troopers don't care about the point of the mission.
- Stupidly high health enemies who just kill troopers repeatedly for fun.
- Massive amounts of railroading.

This next part is probably the most important.

These are some pointers on how to make an event (without NPCs) interesting. Although this can still apply to events with NPCs.

- DO NOT RAILROAD: It is the sole most annoying thing when a gamemaker does not allow the players to have an impact on the event. Learn to adapt to what the players are doing so that they can do their jobs. For example, if the players manage to find a way to prevent someone from being kidnapped by the CIS/recovering a prisoner then you should let them. 

- Please give context and information for the event you're about to hold: Call people to briefing and explain the value of the event. If it's a prisoner, explain the value of them; if it's a package, explain the importance of the package. Make sure people understand why they are doing what you're telling them to. 

- DO NOT give enemies lots and lots of health: As I've said it's boring to fight against a player with a lot of HP. There are ways to make it more interesting, like giving them a cloaking device, or slightly better weapons. In most cases you can set up distractions which draw the players away from their main objective, allowing the enemies time to complete their objective.

- Don't spawn the enemies on the ship randomly: There are ways to get enemies on the ship. Simple drop pods are usually a safe bet, also designing something so it looks like they've cut into the ship. If they appear out of nowhere, it's incredibly boring.

- Have a reason for opening the MHB doors (I've noticed this a lot recently): For fuck sake please do not noclip to the MHB control room and just open the doors so enemies can deploy onto the ship or escape it. Simply saying "It's been hacked, we've lost control!" is a shit excuse. Again, use drop pods to deploy and if enemies want to depart they need to head up there themselves and open it. 

- Finally, let the players do the passive RP: If you're going to have a priosner or a senator come aboard the ship for an event, actually have it happen. Have them land and be escorted around/to the cells. These small pieces of gameplay actually make the event seem more realistic and include everyone. 

I want to emphasise that this is not a dig at gamemakers, we all appreciate the effort you put in. But sometimes the events lack quality and there is always room for improvement. 

I also would like for other players to comment on what they think makes a good event so that gamemakers can come back to this post and check what they could do to make their events more entertaining.

RE: Gamemakers please read. - Astro Brooks-Nova - 10-15-2019

This did indeed get reviewed and was covered with the gamemakers by myself as well as with Corgi. I really do hope improvements show across the board and I encourage all to consistently give feedback either directly to the GMs or to myself so I can go over it with them. Thank you!

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