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Halo RP Energy Sword Tournament for VIP - Zane - 11-08-2019

Friday Night Event on Halo RP for VIP. This will be a 1v1 Bracketed Tournament with Energy Swords. Each Round within the Tournament will be best two out of three. If you lose the round you are in, you will be knocked out of the tournament. There will be a viewing area above the Arena for spectators to watch. To Enter this tournament you must register for signups before hand.

There is only one Prize. First Place Prize will be given VIP. If the Person already has VIP they will get the job AI (Artificial Intelligence- A High Level RP Job.) thanks to @The Guy  and @ZubeySweet

Signups will consist Today 11/8 at 6pm CST. Tournament Practice with Energy Swords will begin at 6:30pm CST. Tournament will begin at 6:45pm CST.

Best of Luck.