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Bio: Constantin and Scratcher are the tortured twins who escaped an impossible situation and made their way to Hogwarts. Fueled by different motives, they pursue their own interests. Constantin, the darker and more serious of the two, dabbles in darkness. As of April 2020, he is a single father of 8- grand father of 1, and great-grandfather of 2, with two dogs, and leader of the Wrathbournes and first generation progeny of the Siscas.

Scratcher Kūhaku (pronounced Kohaku), formerly Scratcher Cron or MacMillan, is the more impulsive twin. He will stop at nothing to save the ones he loves, even if it means putting on the blood-stained auror robes he liberated off of the Elite Aurors he's brutally killed. He is the adopted father of two and is currently separated from his husband Rex Cron.

Both twins, though born identical, have changed themselves in irreversible ways. Scratcher, though older than Constantin by mere minutes, is biologically two years younger than him due to an arcane ritual that left him changed. Constantin, in his quest for power, became a certain cursed breed of half-human.

Shawn Ghandi is the ATF-6 leader for the Achilles Heel division. He regularly recruits years 2 and above for his task force to help disable and apprehend revealed dark forces. He is a peaceful man by nature, but knows that there comes a time when wizards must use their wands to protect the innocent.

Goku never backs down from a challenge and will fight anyone at any time. People sometimes try to get the better of him, but he always overcomes obstacles even if he has to cut through an army to get to his target.
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RP Name(s): Constantin Wrathbourne-Sisca, Scratcher Kohaku, Shawn Ghandi, Goku Forestdweller
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