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Bio: When Rory, formerly known as Ellie, first entered hogwarts, the sorting hat placed her in Slytherin. She was very ambitious and a fantastic leader. Her first friend was a Gryffindor boy, Travis Touchdown. Travis would often go on about being the hero of the day and taking down Dark Forces, little did he know Rory lived a life with Death Eaters.
In her fifth year at Hogwarts, Rory was finally introduced to Voldemort who desperately wanted to recruit her, for she was a fine and talented witch. Rory agreed, she longed for the moment she could be considered one of them. Her parents, Misa and Eloise Sugarplum couldn’t have been more proud of their daughter. She hid her mark from the rest of the school and distanced herself from Travis, she made new friends throughout the years; Allia, Percy, Jay, and Andy.
After graduating from Hogwarts, Rory got married to her wife Erin Sinclair. Happy couple, they go around following Lord Voldemorts commands, living a happy and fulfilling life…in their eyes that is..
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