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Bio: Erin Sinclair, a peculiar young, talented girl.
Erin, from a young age, grew up with no family around her. No protection from the outside world, and was left brutally scarred because of it.
It wasn't until she received her invite to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that she found a place she felt like she could be happy in, Ravenclaw, yet this was not to be.

It was when Erin was chosen for the TriWizard Tournament, that she used crucio on one of her opponents, disqualifying her from both the tournament, and Hogwarts itself. Wondering the Dark Forest in frustration, Erin found herself approaching an unknown, hidden location, The Graveyard.

Hearing of Voldemort's attempts to reach the Headmaster's demise, she joined The Dark Lord in an attempt of revenge against her banisher.
Erin met countless friends among the ranks of Dark Forces, from her wife Rory Martin Ragno, and her other counterparts who she held dearly.

It wasn't until Erin's mishap with a time turner that things turned for the worse. Her timeline became split, and converged into one single time period of 1997.
With this, she now had multiple versions of herself running around the grounds of Hogwarts. From her younger, innocent Ravenclaw self, to her older, retired, Daily Prophet Journalist self. Most commonly however, Erin remains as her Forgotten Ravenclaw self, wondering the halls of Hogwarts, preying on the innocent students which she once was herself.

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