Before you leave us..

.. I just wanted to say

that I hope that @Amelia Phoenix-Dragonfyre

has a wonderful birthday today!

From first meeting on SBS,

to staffing together,

to all the discord shenanigans..

You are a cool cat!

I really wish you the best today!

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happy birthday gamer

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i feel like the fact that this is in pointless should be an insult to @Amelia Phoenix-Dragonfyre

also happy birthday MRS Amelia Phoenix-Drangonfyre

Happy birthday I guess
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Thank you guys sooo much! <3 and thank you Don for making this, its sooo sweeeet, also, you should message me some time, we haven't spoken for a while <3

@Don Vykon
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Heart Happy Birthday Ameliaaa! Heart

Heart Have an amazing daaay :3 Heart
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Heart ~Elys Everson-Lupus~ Heart

Heart ~Married to Jim Lupus-Everson~ Heart 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy B Day!

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