an ban i had comeing

(01-09-2019, 04:52 AM)Jim Lahey Wrote: Ive seen people perma banned for less shit than this. 

No intention to RP or follow server rules.  So why should he be a part of it? 

-1 for unban
+1 for possible extension for near constant minging and toxic behavior repeatedly.  You know he is going to reoffend so why beat around the bush?

If he continues with any minging offences +1 for a exension but saying what you said in your context is still countted as a racial slur
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I’m honestly really disappointed in you Dolphin. If you don’t really care so much about the server anymore, and your sole intent is to minge then you shouldn’t be unbanned. -1 for being unbanned or a reduction.
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Can we agree that I at lest admit I was in the wrong. The reasion I not saying sorry is because yeah I deserver this ban TBH. I not gonna kiss ass on something I knew be coming. And idk why I been acting like i been recently. also I still have care some what for the server but for differint reasons than befor now. not just to have fun but to enjoy others cuz lol me is loner

Minges are something that make every prefects/staff members job harder.
Like Alistair said, we don't need more minges.

I think you should wait out your ban, and think about 
your actions. 

You did admit you were in the wrong, but what does that do
if you are just going to continue your actions once you get back?

It's all very disappointing that somebody who has been playing
for a while, only comes on to make everybody's jobs harder. 
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So Dilopho, as you can see unfortunately, no one believes you should return from this ban early. A few people even believe you should receive a longer ban however I won't be issuing an extension to your ban when you were respectful during your appeal.


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Denied, locked you may try again in a week
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