Salt's Ban Appeal

+1 He got and served his punishment and he seems to have intent to play not do what he did again.

To be perfectly honest, I was not expecting this appeal. In my eyes, you seemed to have made your choice when you committed the acts for which you were banned. However, I wanted to make sure that I was not biased in this decision so I decided to wait to reply to this thread until I could bring it up at the staff meeting. That is the reason for my late reply and I will apologize for not clarifying my reasoning for not responding immediately. I hope you did not think I had forgotten your appeal because rest assured it has been on my mind ever since it was posted. Obviously due to your actions on the server, many assumed you were a racist and thus immediately, in their eyes, your appeal should have been denied immediately.  Despite this, I am well aware that your actions were not meant to call for violence or hatred toward a certain race. I know that what you did was not meant to be racist, but simply to get you banned and also to have a bit of a joke on the way. Either way you look at it, you still end up with the same result in my opinion. You have been a member of this community for too long to not know that your actions would lead to a permanent ban. You say in your appeal that the ban was "rightfully given", and I agree wholeheartedly. I do not believe that removing your ban would benefit the community and I have learned since previous appeals that a system of "oh well, they learned their lesson" is not effective. You got the ban you deserved, and I do not have any intention of undoing your punishment. Appeal Denied. Thread Locked.
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