Mrs Fudge : Address Vol I

Mrs Fudge Address to Wizarding Britain, Vol 1.
Del. from M.O.M Level 1 Minister for Magic and Support Staff

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20 years ago, Minister Harold Minchum's spouse conceived the idea of addressing Wizarding Britain herself weekly, on behalf of her husband who was too busy to do so given the weight of his office. Many spouses of Ministers past have kept this tradition and I plan on doing so now. It is one of great importance as it allows us to unify under the banner of our [Great Ministerial Family] to which we all belong. 

Through the volumes I have read, 
these women concerned themselves greatly with focusing entirely on the good that The Ministry has done recently,
 as well as current affairs. 

With that, I feel now it is important to remind the entirety of Wizarding Britain, especially my [Honorable Brothers and Sisters of The Wizengamot] about something that has gone awry, something seemingly forgotten: the common good. An egomania has, and we should all be able to say this with absolute confidence: compromised our institution which is supposed to be representative in nature. Why is it then, that not all voices are heard? Such a horrible shame it is that, and I have seen this: a few petulant naysayers with influence, and an insatiable appetite for grudges somehow manage to impose, unfairly and barely contested: their own opinions which are inherently NOT representative? 

I, and many, are aware of the goings on of [The Wizengamot]. We are not amused.
Increasingly opportunities for debate are postponed, inquiries are discouraged.
How much longer will it be then, I wonder, until Orwell's wet dreams become the government of the day?

How shameful then would it be for us to ignore this issue and have our independent will stifled by this heap of blackguards, madmen and beasts?

Supreme confidence I still have that, eventually, with time, we will all be able to put aside our petty differences and acknowledge the need for more systems which strengthen our faith in [Procedural Fairness] and the rule of law. 

My husband will work continuously to remove corruption from The Ministry. 
Let us all continue to be pleased to pour our support in him.

I look forward to writing to the populace again, next Sunday.

[Image: 4Eh8fiO.gif]     H.M.E   ~Mrs. Fudge                                       [Image: SGMrbJH.png]
Audi alteram partem

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