My Real Fadmin Attempt

You want to help and that’s always good but I always see you bringing up old threads or tagging people when it isn’t necessary, some comments I don’t think are needed, I think you need more time overall and to grow and learn more but on the right track

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My God, everyone is so mean

-You cant deny how often he tags forum admins to lock threads (sometimes useful, sometimes useless)
-wanting to contribute and help SBS
-Australian (good time zone for Fadmin)

-Some Annoying threads
-For some reason stores a selfie of me and one another I know of :/ (very weird dude)
-Constant applications for any staff position you can think of
-Immature at times

I shall leave a Neutral for now
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(06-12-2019, 03:35 AM)♔Redgie♔ Wrote:
Im not bothered to read the rest of the thread so yea from what others have commented on it sounds like a bunch of winging ad whinning that will waste my time. 
Recent quote from you on someones feedback thread...if you can't be bothered to take the time and read someones post(especially on a feedback thread), then I do not think you're forum staff material.  

Yeah gonna be a hard pass from me -1
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Gonna have to agree with Reggie here. That's a problem in my eyes. The whole thing with forum admin is there's reading. It's a forum. Some light, some very long especially with feedback posts.

If you can't even take the time to read a feedback post, I sincerely think you're not ready for a forum position. -1
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Pros: you’re active, you give your feedback often, and ‘try’ and be as helpful to others as you can be. You’ve got a decent idea of the rules, and you report misbehavior often when you see it. Plus, you’re often tagging the forum admins when it calls for. 

Cons: A lot of your posts could be considered ‘spam’ and it seems that you tend to write before you think, or you just don’t take a lot of time to develop your ideas. There’s nothing wrong with saying nothing when your opinion isn’t needed, and sometimes it’s better to say nothing. You also are very incoherent or at least pretty inconsistent at times with how you react to things.
I think you need some time to mature a little bit more, and relax a little, and then I’d love to see you reapply in time.

Overall - neutral.
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