(Updated) Gryffindor Gang Gang #FreePakistan

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gryffindorPride    Make The Gryffindor House Great Again ! gryffindorPride

People may say that the gryffindor house is cliche and unoriginal but well....

What sets us apart from the others:

Loyalty, braveness, courage, audacity, determination, chivalry and many other – those are the that set a true Gryffindor apart. Gryffindors fight for what is right and they are usually the ones at the head of the pack when it comes to doing something brave or something that takes nerve. Most Gryffindors have several other good qualities that often make them well-suited to other houses. However, they choose Gryffindor because that is where they want to be. 
(reliable source trust me)
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 Vice President: @Brian Enos

Campaign Manager: @momo
Pakistan Freedom Fighters: @Brian Enos ,@Justin Amendish , @ugandanmandem, @Ritchie and @Duck

Council Members: @Tony Nayeli Sisca ,@Lukas and @Ritchie

Our Promises:

-  Provide all Gryffindor Gang Gang Students with exploding potions to blow up Hufflepuffs.

- Demand the freedom of all the Gryffindors in both Azkaban and Detention.

- Pizza will be provided during free times in the Gryffindor Gang Gang Common Room by Chef Allen and assure that food is provided in the Gryffindor Table during Great Hall.

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- Have a high rate of activity in-game to provide all Gryffindors with their needs.

        Assure that all Gryffindor Students are protected from Snatchers and Dark Forces and prioritize them over other houses in rescue missions.

- Buy and save every Gryffindor Student auctioned on the Snatcher's Market.

- Gryffindor House is characterized by Braveness and Courage and Hogwarts doesn't provide any methods for the fellow Gryffindors to prove their Courage, thus I will demand intense combat trainings for Gryffindors to learn the art of fighting.

- Demand Combat healing to be punished with Death Penalty.

- Most Importantly to Free Pakistan with the help of my partner @Brian Enos and the gryffindors.

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- Bravely fighting the Dark Force scum and securing the Quidditch Pitch from them.
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Vote Walden and Brian Now !
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vote for Walden and Brian they will free Pakistan. they have my vote
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fuck monopoly all my homies hate monopoly.
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You have my vote. #Free Pakistan

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Exploding potions?

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(01-05-2021, 01:38 PM)Justin Amendish Wrote:
vote for Walden and Brian they will free Pakistan. they have my vote

Edit 2: #Walden&Brian&Momo2021
#FreePakistan  TriHard

(01-05-2021, 01:32 PM)Sheikh Walden Shoeshiner Wrote:
My Promises:

-  Provide all Gryffindor Gang Gang Students with exploding potions to blow up Hufflepuffs.
We need to add this to the compendium.
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Time for the Great Hufflefuck Genocide
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got my vote lol
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