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CT 6931 performance is remarkable. Specialises in Advanced Combat and AA (Anti-Armour) though he is extremely flexible when it comes to different situations, preferably using brute force. CT 6931 was born with lighter pigmentations of skin along with slight deformations to his face making him look different from the others of his production, this having no effects on his performance but making the other CTs mock him. CT 6931 was originally going to be relocated into a Shock team after the battle of Geonosis where he lost his squad like many other clones during the chaos caused by the unexperienced Jedi Generals and the overwhelming forces of the CIS and the Geonosian "bugs". CT 6931 was introduced to the 501st instead, and being directly under command of Commander Corgi, Colonel Astro and 2nd LT Saigyl. [UPDATED] Battalion Commander Astro and Colonel Saigyl.

                                        -[UPDATED DATA RETRIEVED]-



This is Major Dank typing now. I've managed to gain access to my old files and... I decided I wanted to put some of my own input, maybe use it as a "Note Pad" to write down my thoughts of everything around me. Its been an Honor to serve for the Republic and the Jedi, though those Jedi get more in the middle than anything else when I'm trying to do my job. I've met a lot of great brothers, and uh... well we can leave that out. I can proudly say that I've been part of big operations where we have turned the chances of us winning this war for good, but I must say I am surprised I'm still fucking alive. I have lost good men a long the way though, but they made it possible for me to reach this point, where I'm currently at. After several Campaigns, its safe to say that we deserve this rest. I have made some decals on my armour to remember the OPs I was in:
[Image: Sticker2.png]
[Image: Sith_Research_Division_logo_v1.png][Image: Op.4.png][Image: Op.3.png][Image: Op.6.png]

Now, my current situation is really good, we were relocated to Coruscant, so everything is calm for once, without worrying if those fucking Clankers were going to blow our ship up at any second while drifting through space in the Retribution. That steel coffin is still in one piece though, and has served us well. Everyone around the base seems more relaxed as well, something that I think is good, but at the same time, I dislike. I think I've gotten used to all the adrenaline I had while being up there...
 The base itself is large, got lost on my first day there, couldn't find the fucking Cantina, I just wanted some Jawa juice for myself and some Blue milk for a few of the troopers, though it's disgusting and I still don't know why they drink that shit, they might be getting too loyal for the 501st...

I do have to say its been more of a challenge here. Its hard to hide all my trophies when it comes to evading bunk checks, though I have a safe spot for now. But another plus is that we have places here called "Clone Bars" These places allow us to leave the base on our breaks, and actually get to interact with other people besides our brothers. Even droids, though I don't tend to approach them, because I'd probably yank their head off. I like to visit this one place called 79, because non Clones frequent it as well, and its good for me to blow off steam.
[Image: DankSuperArtWeekProject.png]

Usually we aren't allowed to leave base with our weapons, but if you have a few spare credits, they usually let you leave anyways. I don't cause any trouble though, I just limit myself to defending myself if a bunch of Clone Haters decide to come in blasting.

I will write more soon, as I am being deployed. I'll make sure to take a few shots with the boys in blue on the battlefield.

(Just wanted to do something cause I was bored, I will be adding more art of my character soon cause I want to practice and all that. Story wise I might be adding more and I might write "Stories" of past Campaigns or funny situations)

Yo this shit is gnarly dude

STFU Sandbag 
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(01-13-2020, 06:22 PM)DankDan Wrote:
STFU Sandbag 
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Who the fuck do you think you're talking to blueberry?

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Love the artwork and the story behind your character is great! Looking forward for more stuff like this from other people!
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Yeah bruv, needs to straighten out that personality though

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