Newts Ban Appeal

There is no proof that chloe was encouraging you to break the rules however you did put some thought into your appeal you seem apologetic and learned your lesson.  

+1 for a reduction to like 2 weeks
-1 for unban
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You seem very apologetic and are of the understanding that you were in the wrong. 

Heart +1 for a reduction. Heart

Heart Neutral for an unban. Heart
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I'm concerned with these Chloe accusations however this is still down to your decision at the end of the day

Kinda concerned that you didn't bring this to attention while she was still staff

But I digress

I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt regardless

+1 Reduction
-1 Full unban

You have a long history so maybe reduction to like a month-2 weeks

Hope if we see you back you'll be a good part of this community :)
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The accusations towards Chloe are irrelevant at this point especially without evidence and probably should have been brought up at the time of the ban if you thought a staff member was abusing their position or not doing what they are supposed to. Plus you are in control of you're own actions, you cannot be controlled by anyone else. I personally do not know you and haven't met you, but from what others have said it seems like you play to get banned and then appeal a while later.

You do seem apologetic in the appeal and seem like you have learnt you're lesson, but due to the amount of bans you have already had I'm not gonna +1 a full unban, but I would agree to a reduction.

+1 for reduction to 1 month or 2 weeks
-1 for full unban

Goodluck with your appeal!
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-1 for full unban.
Neutral to +1 for reduction.

I think it was summed up pretty well by Cauli and Jack to an extent. The premise of Chloe apparently edging you to do this is questionable and at least it's heresay between you both. Of course, somebody is lying and whoever that is should be mature enough to own up and resolve this but I digress that their social image doesn't want to be ruined. As Jack stated, there's plausible evidence but logically to me from your appeal, you do seem apologetic and like your intentions might have been led by an ulterior motive as in someone else's influence/3rd party.

Saying that, I'll repeat what I've said on multiple user's ban appeals, the fact this is your 7/8th appeal goes to show how much you are an active rulebreaker and have appealed. Jack stated it clearly and you are responsible for your actions, don't ever let anyone influence you into a questionable position because it's not worth it. Don't ever not weigh the situation before you do it, once you make a mistake, you should take responsibility for it.

You are apologetic and have put in a lot more effort than most I've seen, I'd say the biggest thing is your in charge of your own actions, you control what you do. No-one else can shape that for you.

I'm gonna have to agree with some people on here.
The fact that you've been banned so many times shows off that you really didn't care for the chances you got at redeeming yourself.
From your appeal, you do seem quite apologetic and that you regret the things you've done in the past.
Going for +1 for reduction to 1 or 2 more weeks.
-1 for full unban.
I do hope that if you get unbanned, you will make sure not to break any rules again.
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I mean first off, I believe you're responsible for your own actions regardless of someone "encouraging you". The only purpose that should serve is against the staff member who encouraged you, and not really to aid in your defense of yourself.

Not only do you have all these previous ban appeals as pointed out above, but in most of them you just put "too many to count" under previous bans which sounds like you just don't really care that much to be honest.

However I don't know if I'm misunderstanding (because I wasn't there), but it looks like you admitted to saying a "bunch of hatespeech" when you got pulled. That's pretty inexcusable if you ask me. I really don't see how that's "funny" so I don't even know if I'd even favor a reduction.

harryannoyed  No one should give a shit about my opinion tbh, I'm just putting this up because I didn't see anyone pointing out the part about hatespeech or that they could have just not mass RDMed in the first place even if someone was encouraging them

After looking at all the community votes, most were -1 to a full unban but neutral to +1 to a reduction. I will be reducing your ban to two weeks. However, keep in mind any RDM or Hatespeech will lead you to this position where you are now.

Appeal reduced: thread locked 

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