First Suggestion Bois

(Idk if I should have put it in the discord but it's going here since there's a place for it now I guess plus I'm like 70% sure the content channel is about mods?)
(oh shit I get to make the format myself)
1. Minecraft Name: AureolinWander
2. What's the suggestion?: Add arrows to the merchants pls <3
3. Why should your suggestion be accepted?: Thomas and a lot of other people have way too many arrows and nothing really to do with them (plus it makes sense bc it's a mob drop I guess)
4. What are the possible negatives?: Players having more money?

edit: san /sell handall is brilliant
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+1 got a shit ton of them with no purpose, maybe enable /sell handall?
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+1 yes pls. I have over 30 stacks now and idk what to do with them. I tried /ah, but no one is going to buy them as there's no porpuse to have a bow, since pvp isnt the main thing around :)

+1 reasons stated by others
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Yes pls, our island literally has like 80 stacks
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Reasons stated by others

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Makes Sekelton spawners even more effective, don't see a reason why this wouldn't be added in the first place.
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I will add them to the Monster Merchant shop/mob drop shop today.

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