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What's the suggestion?
Today I did 4 or 5 of those boss fights and got 4 or 5 boss crate keys in total and got nothing from the crates, my suggestion is to higher the chances of actually getting something from the boss crates or give the players something extra for killing the boss like with the pinatas drop diamonds/emerald. Because at the moment we only get the dropped saddle and maybe a bit of XP, so they aren't really worth it since there is pretty much no chance of getting anything from the boss crates.

Why should your suggestion be accepted?
Players will be more likely to take part in the boss fights and will get more of a reward for putting in the effort and doing so and it will stop the boss fights from seeming pointless.

What are the possible negatives?
Newer players may get hold of higher level gear more easily (depending on what comes out of the boss crates)

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The problem here is that when a boss dies, every player who has damaged it is suppost to get a key for the boss crate, but I don't think that's a thing yet, so -1 to increase the chances. But I do think that it's only fair that they would get atleast a small amount of money + ores or other rare items. +1 to that (:

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We are going to add other items to the crates soon so that you will be more likely to get SOMETHING each time. BUT there has already been 1 person that has gotten a dragon helmet and another Dippledores wand from the boss crates and those are THE BEST items of their class. You can definitely get things if you are lucky.

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