As  making potions in the harry potter server we cant find the ingreidients to the potions please make something so that we can find easier instead of roaming around the whole map please if your looking at this im sure you"ll agree with me

This needs to be moved to the correct section under Hogwarts server suggestions

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When this is moved your gonna need to use the correct server suggestion format for this.

While it would be good to find the potion ingredients more easily it would also allow the newer people who will most likely have completely disregarded reading the rules to gain easy access to potions such as the explosive potion, which could lead to an increase of RDM's and would also allow them to recollect the ingredients faster so multiple can be made in a shorter period of time.

Similar with the love potions, they can be used to minge by getting people stuck in areas of the map if you for example throw one at someone and home teleport straight after and I imagine it could be worse with this one since it doesn't require that many ingedients. 

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Make a suggestion in Hogwarts Suggestion, Locking this

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