The Intolerable State

I don't know if any of you know me, but my in-game name is Rayven Duskber. You might see me from time to time on the server. I try to generally be happy, and have fun with you guys, but the last few days have been a fucking nightmare to play. I am constantly being harassed, and the people are getting out of control. I don't know what the hell is happening, but I hope it isn't just me who's noticing this.

But I finally reached my breaking point. I'm done with this server.

I genuinely like you guys. I really did. You were fun to talk to and screw around with, but I have to call it quits.

If I'm being over-dramatic, then so be it. I'm not encouraging any of the staff to do anything, nor am I telling you guys to change. Because, honestly, I doubt anything would change.

Doubting I'll be missed,
      -  hufflepuffPride  Rayven Duskber  hufflepuffPride

P.S., shout out to Gwendolyn Rose. I don't see her too much, but she's easily the nicest person I've met on there. Etlenor is also pretty chill.

EDIT: I should've though about this, but I'm talking about Hogwarts RP, just to clear it up

take care
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I didn’t know you but take care
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Oh, shit man, you told me you didn't like how people fs (free spell) you all the time. The only advice I can give you is to take more breaks as a prefect, you get the rest you need. Prefects have to be able to handle those situations, but if it really makes it unbearable then it's good to take a break. You are a decent person and I hope to see you again.
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Don’t know you but take care!
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Aren't you the person who got freespelled by a student you where playing a prefect. You couldn't catch the student and cried that staff didn't do shit when you didn't report nor say it was pissing you off maybe you shouldn't have prefected.
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Hopefully, we'll see each other again bud. The server's been pretty mingy the last few days, and players tend to stupefy and do anything to get some prefects to chase them. I can't deny that it's fun, but from someone like me who's been prefecting lately, I totally get you. The server definitely has good and bad moments to be on, and it happens that you experienced it's bad moments a good amount of times. I'll see you around (:

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Was I the student that freespelled you?  Don't take it personally, I do it to prefects all the time.

Seems more like a "introductions and farewells" type of post

Either way, take it easy
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Heh, to a point I cant blame you. The mingey behavior can be too much after a while.

Some of us thrive of it. Its like a twisted addiction. Its what makes the server for me in my opinion. The balance between order for the server and finding ne'er-do-wells to stop.
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