Boe Demotiono's Mod Application

(06-30-2020, 01:03 PM)Etlenor Wrote: Since you came back, you've been working to get your position back. The time I'm on, I see you reinforcing the rules and prefecting. You were also a good staff member +1

^ +1 same reasons stated by Etlenor
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I see you around a lot and from what I have heard when you were staff you were a really nice one. Your application 
seems very detailed and you can tell that you took the time to make this app.
So yeah good luck hope to see you in the staff team soon!
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I've never had an issues with you before, and as of recent, you've been active and prefecting. However, I'm gonna say neutral. I recall that you were very inactive for a couple of months towards the end of your run, which I assume is why you resigned. I've also seen a common theme of past staff returning, and then just going inactive after a month, and I don't think we need any more inactive staff on the team.

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Hi Boe, I was kinda expecting this, not gonna lie.
From my experience with you, you've always been kind and friendly and also helped me out when I was on trial (which I still am). You were a good one, we all know it.
Now since you've turned back I haven't seen you that muchbut that might be just me, you know, timezones, inactivity and stuff, that happens xD

I cannot give you a blind +1 just because you were good in the past, I still believe you are great but I just wanna make sure so I'm willing to see you around soon so that I can actually give you a proper vote!
Good luck with it my boy, welcome back on the Night/Day/Afternoon/Whatever Shift!


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When I am on I sometimes see you, your application seems detailed and when I am on I do see you enforce rules and prefect. +1 from me!

Good Luck!
Yours Sincerely
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No Vote.

I am just going to leave a few personal experiences, Boe can be a nice(ish) person on his day, but extremely strict to older players, well just because they were old, you were one of a few mods that actively seeked me out looking for me to break rules and trying to ban me, I remember hitting Herb prof with everde, poof fella must've gone about a foot in the air, you then proceed to tell me you were going to ban me for a week for freespelling?
I literally had to argue with you on it, everyone, even the manager at the time was questioning your choice of length.
You then shortly after went into a state of rage, shouting my name off to anyone that would listen, calling me an arsehole etc. (not saying you're entirely wrong on that front, but just isn't very professional to say such things)

You seemed to always struggle to keep personal feelings at bay and I personally felt like you were emotionally abusing and using someone close to me, not with power, but just in general and when discussing issues you had with people on the server.
If the community and staff want you back that's fine, but there's a lot you need to work on as a person before you restart staffing again.

Good Luck.

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Boe has always been super friendly and helpful when it comes to staffing. If he was good once, he could be again. I think if he's ready to come back and devote his time, why not. Good luck boe!!! <3
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+1 i dont see you much since we most likely live in different time zones, but all my experiences with you have been great and from what i've heard you are very active.
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When I seen you recently on the server i remember saying OMG BOEEEEEEEE you aint mod anymore, pleaseeeeeee come back, Hogwarts need you! and it does, it really does. You were so helpful when you were staff and so professional, I very much doubt it has changed, You prefect a lot and still willing to help when you aint got the mod tag!

BIG +1 from me

You have been missed
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