Clone Wars RP Bulletins 27/07/2020

Clone Wars Bulletins 27/07/2020

Hello Folks and welcome back to the Clone Wars Bulletins for 2020. Let's get into it, shall we?
Staff News


@TurtleTime Was Accepted into a Trial Helper Position. Best of Luck
@♔Redgie♔ Was Accepted into a Trial Helper Position. Best of Luck
@Fox Squad Leader Veto Will Continue his Trial Helper Period. Best of Luck


@Ruhseem was made Full Moderator Last Week. Congrats


@Lack Will continue his Trial Admin Period. Best of Luck


Unfortunately @Engineer Paradyce has Resigned from his Helper position. You will be greatly missed and we thank you for your time as A Helper/GM.

Want to make Events or Simulations for the server? Consider applying for Helper Here.
Want to do Moderation duties for the Server? Consider applying for Moderator Here.
In all the Clone Wars Staff Team are looking for Both Helpers/GMs and also Moderators! Best of Luck to the Applicants!

Server News/Updates

The Third and Fourth week for the Month of Updates will be Released Saturday Next Week. Stay Tuned for more info on our Main Discord.
Shock is Currently looking for More Troopers. If you would like to Tryout, Simply approach one of these 3 Officers and Ask for a Tryouts. Make sure the tryout is at a suitable time. (You can Ask Lack, Pizzeh or Necro)

Any Concerns or questions about or Clone Wars Server? Feel Free to ask any Staff member or PM @♔Redgie♔ On the Forums or the Discord!

See yall Later :)
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Full Helper 9th of August 2020

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Thanks Trial Helper
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Thank you for the news!
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