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August 2nd 2019. I came to realize that my heart was no longer in the right place. I was making mistake after mistake after mistake and it felt like I was stuck in a loop that I couldn't escape. Quite frankly I felt alone as I had nobody I could reach out to and nobody I felt like I could comfortably trust.  I would log on and be irritated because I felt like the washed up old moderator who was just hogging a spot from someone else coming being able to take that role. On this day I made a decision to myself to step away from HogwartsRP for at least a year and focus on my IRL self. 

This feedback may seem to come left field from a player who isn't active anymore, but understand this I love and respect this community even though I can't be active in it anymore. This place is still very much a part of me. It is something I cherish and it is something that I do think about every now and then. 

Thankfully it is pretty successful. My career began to skyrocketed as I entered a company to be a Computer Technician then I became the System Administrator and now I am the Network System Administrator. Unfortunately all my other IT co-workers was laid off, but this company trust me to be the sole IT Administrator and it has really made my life so much better and I finally got that glory that I was always been projecting on here. 

Two weeks ago I realized that my 1 year commitment to leaving HogwartsRP is coming to an end and I realized how much I missed the people here and being able to help build this community. I miss being able to help others and build a nice fun role play community, the random events, and seeing the changes that Guy makes over time. Unfortunately, I also realize I don't have the time that I used too. I realize with my current schedule I won't be able to fully commit myself to the community  until I can get a second IT administrator way after this Covid-19 stuff.

Time sure does suck. As I get older the days seem to fade away. I can't believe its already been a year since I resigned. I realize now I wasted my time here trying to fight a battle of becoming an admin and fighting the admins instead of focusing on what I had. A beautiful community that was supportive that I did not fully appreciate at that time. That's on me, but I hope someone else out there can learn from my mistake. 

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Is what are you doing now a good thing or a bad thing for the community?
If the answer is BAD then you really need to reevaluate yourself, before you realize that it's to late. 
Does it bring you joy in what you do for the community?
If the answer is NO then you really need to reevaluate yourself, before you realize that it's to late. 
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Cool but you fucking banned Reggie and I for following Headmaster Rashford around, and I will never forgive you, no matter how much time goes by. I will forever be hurt Daniel Sushi.
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To quote the forum poet known as @Perseus Peverell Plouton

"+1 Evidence is clear, thanks for the points"
"Neutral until I hear from X staff member"
"+ and or -1 reasons stated by others"

I hope that I have given you some inspiration in return for your post, hope all stays well with you Big Man Dan!
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I know right!! You don't know how many people left haha
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'You degrade this coven with your pettiness'


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I really happy to hear that your career is going well Dan :) And despite what you might think, a lot of us here really miss you being around. I hope you have time eventually to come visit again!
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