Clone Wars RP Bulletins 27/09/20

Clone Wars Bulletins 27/09/2020

Staff News


@Bryson // Duck has been made a Trial Helper! Congrats
@Sparkgaming has been made a Trial Gamemaker! Best Of Luck!
Last Week @Canvas  Was Made a Full Helper! Congrats


@Askew216  has been made a Full Moderator! Congrats


@A10Thunder56  has been made a Trial Admin! Congrats


Last week we had @Necro resign from the team. We thank you for all you have done in and for the team.
Recently @Teke resigned from the team. We thank you for your work!

Want to make Events or Simulations for the server? Consider applying for Helper Here.
Want to do Moderation duties for the Server? Consider applying for Moderator Here.
In all the Clone Wars Staff Team are looking for Both Helpers/GMs and also Moderators! Best of Luck to the Applicants!

Server News/Updates

Fish has made his Second Major Update to the server! Check it out here!

Any Concerns or questions about or Clone Wars Server? Feel Free to ask any Staff member or PM Redgie On the Forums or the Discord!

See yall Later :)
Redgie Sinistra Mjikel

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Full Helper 9th of August 2020
Resigned 1st of October 2020

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Thanks for the good news! Also I noticed that you seem to have forgot to update your forum signature. Keep up the good work!

Kind of poggers not going to lie

Congrats @Duck
Haha i Funi

Congrats @Askew216!
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Congratss @Duck
My man dalton poppin off 
Im excited for those events
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Thanks guys, very excited to bring you these events.

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