My ban appeal

Personally, I would say talk to maybe @Justin Amendish or @Michael Classicius since I believe that’s like a super thing that does that. 
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Talk to the supers and ask your siblings and if they can appeal, although to get a length that bad they probably did something severe. Goodluck!
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Good evening,

+rep for an unabn due to the fact that it's not your fault.


This thread been open so long now! =o but ya a super would have to handle this.. Gonna put short message on close tag since it been open for multiple days and maybe a Super will see it or pass it along =)
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+1 unban

This is For @Michael Classicius @Justin Amendish

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(10-17-2020, 12:30 PM)Tyrone D Shoeshiner Wrote: You're going to have to get the other account to get unbanned (ask ur siblings to make a ban appeal, and hope it gets accepted), it's 100% the only way. Console will always ban you if the other account is banned. 

Even if we unbanned you, once u try to relog, console would just ban you again for the length of the other accounts ban.

This, until the other account can make a appeal and or the id is provided so we can get an understanding it will be denied. 
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