Time to leave/Mat Law off


The limit the community and the admins have put on Mat has not allowed him to reach his full potential and will therefore backfire, being a detriment to everyone's fun, as we can already see. Once everyone stops treating the server as an ongoing town of salem game where the point is drama/lying/backstabbing, the fun will return, as will hopefully Mat Shoeshiner.

^^^^ Facts ngl (All the people I've met haven't really been like that, my core server group anyway though I have seen it first hand)

Australian Gmod Server staff be so chill usually,  just a warning system, barley ban lengths, mostly warns as what people don't understand on HWRP is that... She'll be right

 [Bans are excessive and first offenders that are prestige get treated harshly, let alone people who have violated the rules before barley, who have put tons of time into the server are also treated harshly. This just is basically destroying the foundations with the older player base and is not a good way to keep "veteran" players playing and that is why there is a decline in higher prestige player activity (other than no reward). We cant have fun and that is why perfect law exists, and those who snitch in such times on players, for such petty reasons are complete assholes(IMO))
(This doesn't mean completely disregard rules, I think things need to be taken a lot more lightly)

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Oh and cya Mat, they were looking for any reason to Perma probably tbh, which is excessive.
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Hey Mat my apologies I haven't online much lately but if ya ever feel like talking shit hmu. I'm always down to talk some shit and sit on a bench. You feel me bro

Take care  harrylove
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I still miss you bro. I miss the good old times when we were in our own spots all the time. Hope we can play again some time.
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