The Siege of She' Khanh (EVENT)

Attention all troopers,

We have been informed of a situation brewing up on She' Khanh. Commodore Macnamara has informed me of a Separatist blockade over the planet, and the remainder of his forces are trapped under siege on the planet surface. According to the small comm snippet I was able to get before signals were jammed, their forces are significantly down and they need supplies and bodies to man the front immediately. Fortunately, the CIS only have a small base, and the Republic still holds the She' Khanh supply base. They have modified the structure and developed a trench network, but a series of artillery fire and mixed droid tactics have rendered any counter-offensive null. The droids are being led by legendary military tactician Victus of Chandrilla, who refers to himself as "the VC". 
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Our goal is simple: Punch a whole large enough in the blockade to send the LAATs down. I will engage the CIS fleet with Battlegroup Ronto, and in the meanwhile the ground forces will help reestablish control of She' Khanh. This fight will not be easy, but we need to move fast and prevent the Commodore from meeting certain doom. 

(OOC) This event will take place on Saturday, 11/7 at 4pm EST. This event will feature enemy tactics that respond to the way that you choose to fight, as well as a battlefield that will be shaped by your decisions. I look forward to seeing y'all on, and remember, the trenches giveth, and the trenches taketh away.

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I haven't been on CWRP in a hot minute, but this looks and sounds dope af! Count me in, see you then.
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bro these builds are sick
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If only I knew how to play the CWRP server  feelsbadman

This takes me back to the Sommes (Its the build that reminds me no offense)
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