Health Rebalancing

(1) Your suggestion: Reset everyones health to be lower.

(2) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: Honestly I feel like that would make the server great if everyone had 100 hp and 50-100 shield based on their job. this would make the server much better in very many aspects as we can nerf the NPC damage, and PVP would be much more viable with everyone having 100hp instead of 300HP and 150Armor. This will also make Medics better an players to play safer instead of running directly into combat and having their 300hp soak up all the damage by the time all the NPCS are dead.

(3) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: Seeing as a lot of variables would have to be rewritten and kelval probably doesn't want to do that it'll take some time.
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I like the idea but what's your vision on balancing elite, custom jobs, and Spartans, or will they not be touched.
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NPCs do too much damage, if we lowered health we'd get melted entirely.

It's bad enough with the grenade one-shot.

If you rebalance NPC damage to be on par with lower health then sure.

But with damage right now people won't find running back into fights every 5 seconds fun.

Medics already heal fairly fast, you shouldn't be able to just sneeze and they're full health, it takes between 3-7 seconds really.

We already have  need for medics with the PDA system and we don't have any of them, so adding more of a reason will just hurt players rather than boost medics numbers.

I'd prefer to look for another alternative rather than just nerf players with no real balancing.
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(11-07-2020, 02:48 AM)DarkestHour Jackie Wrote: NPCs do too much damage, if we lowered health we'd get melted entirely.

It's bad enough with the grenade one-shot.

If you rebalance NPC damage to be on par with lower health then sure.
Balancing everything at 100 health works, but only if everything is balanced. NPCs can't be forgotten about or everyone will be one shot by an AR wielding militia. If that is also considered, then a player health reshuffle would be a good change. A big possible downside is custom jobs being excluded like they have been with weight and weapons and stuff (unless that's been fixed by now), Kelval will need to stand up to anyone who complains about a rebalance (which they aren't exempt from).

P.S. the one shot grenade is an EASY fix, this is literally the code that does it, I sent it to Kelval in September, the EntityTakeDamage hook should already be there to stop door damage, you could slip the middle three lines from this into that and  make the change even smaller. Realistically, the giga grenade gib should be fixed, this code was taken from an old file on my laptop which was uploaded to the server long ago.
hook.Add( "EntityTakeDamage", "RemoveVJBashDamage", function( target, dmginfo )
   if target:IsPlayer() && dmginfo:GetAttacker():GetClass() == "obj_vj_inniegrenade" && dmginfo:GetDamageType() == DMG_CRUSH then
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I believe with the weapon rebalancing and a better understanding of NPC to player ratio this is not something that is really needed, in the current state most combative jobs can handle themselves extremely well. also, I did fix the grenade thingy >:( LEXA >:( 

If people really want to do pvp il just make a dedicated set of pvp weapons exclusive from pve weapons.

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