[Galaxy of Magic] Enforcer Guide

Enforcer Guide

Hello there! I am glad that you have taken the time out of your day to better yourself as an enforcer. Note, the following was generously written by @Tyrone and was curated by the Galaxy of Magic staff team.

This is a guide that will either help, refresh, and/or make you a better enforcer on our server. If you are having a hard time understanding something in this guide, contact a staff member that is on the server by using the @ chat.

To become a good enforcer you must start by understanding what an enforcer is.

An enforcer is a scholar that has been trusted with the power to detain any misbehaving scholars. It’s expected that there are at least two enforcers in each class, and any other enforcers may roam the halls for any scholars that may be skipping and/or breaking rules. For most rules, you must give a warning for; such as:
  • Mic spam

  • Chat Spam  

  • ERP (Erotic Role Play)
  • Interrupting classes 

  • Not following the teacher’s instructions 

  • Disrespecting other scholars (Note: players are allowed to disrespect in terms of RP. Ex: Eos are trash. However, hate speech, or further disrespect isn’t tolerated and should be reported to staff.)

  • Skipping or running out of class 
  • Free spelling (Note: casting cosmetic spells like Chromallia would not be considered freespell, however, if any spell if spammed, you can be warned for it due to the rp around it or the level of volume)

 The following actions allows you to detain on sight (DOS):
  • RDM (Random Death Match)

  • Instructors orders (tell staff if the instructor is abusing their powers) 

  • PTS (Permission To Speak)

  • Hate Speech
  • Disrupting an instructor's active class

Enforcer Terminology

These are some new words that you must know if you don’t know them already.

DOS (Detain On Sight) - These are used for scholars that need to be detained immediately. For instance, if a scholar violates one of the listed rules above, or if another person with authority placed a DOS on a scholar.

RFD (Reason For Detainment) - This is the reason for the detainment and may be posted in Telemail, OOC, or told to anyone who requests it. These are not mandatory but are helpful.

RA (restricted areas) - These are designated areas as indiciated by the map. Scholars are not allowed in these areas, and if they are seen there you may detain them immediately.

RDM (Random Death Match) /ARDM (Attempted Random Death Match) - If you cast a damaging spell at someone without a valid RP reason, that would be ARDM which is a DOS. If you kill someone, regardless of what you kill them with, it would be RDM, also a DOS. Please report these to staff.

PTS (Permission to speak) - PTS can be activated by an instructor if they want complete silence in their class by telemailing that PTS is active in their class. When PTS is activated you may detain anyone who speaks. If a scholar wants to speak they may use “/me raises hand” or “/y raises hand” to get the instructor’s attention. Enforcers must not speak as well unless they are giving out orders (make sure to be mindful as someone may have logged on to the server after the PTS was issued).

FS (Free Spelling) - You must not cast your spells without a roleplay reason. An exception is given to cosmetic spells as long as an instructor does not tell them to stop.

What to report to staff

Although a lot of the rules broken on the server can be dealt with by an enforcer, there are certain things that you should report to staff. Do note that if a major rule is broken, feel free to report to a staff member for them to assess the situation. The following is a list of examples.


What Makes an effective enforcer

To be an effective enforcer, you must have both mental skills and physical/wand casting skills. You should have good communication skills (placing a DOS when necessary, putting RFD’s in the TM when you detain), and good intentions (don’t become an enforcer just for the power, become an enforcer to keep things in order). In terms of spell casting skills, you should know how to cast spells like Zalisifa and Empodita, to be able to stop scholars that try to run away from you; and you should be able to cast Zalisifa and Speedom, to catch up to scholars that are trying to run away.

Enforcer Commands

There are also some simple commands you must know to effectively enforce.

RD - If you have detained someone and want to release them because they were wrongfully detained or whatever the case may be, you can use the RD command. Use !rd name and it will release them. If there are multiple people with the same first name you can type their full name in quotation marks like this. !rd “Tyrone D Bigeye”

DOS - If a scholar is breaking rules but you are unable to detain them, you may use the DOS command. Use /dos name reason goes here. And to undo the DOS just use /undos name

TELEMAIL - To telemail your detainment to show the person detained, others, and staff why you detained the scholar, you can use /op RFD Reason.

Effective Warnings

Although your telemail may tell a scholar why they were detained, the scholar should have known what they were doing wrong beforehand. You should always give proper warnings. You should tell the scholar to stop what they were doing, why it was wrong, and warn them that if they continue they will be detained. For instance, Joe Shmoe Free spells another scholar with Zalisifa. You should say something along the lines of “Hey Joe, make sure not to Free spell that scholar, you’re not allowed to free spell a scholar without a valid RP reason, if you continue you’ll be detained”. 

If you do not have a mic, you may make binds to assist you in warning scholars. To bind any action, go to console (by pressing the ~ key) and typing in the following: bind <key> action
Here are some useful binds you may copy (k is used as an example key; a useful guide is found here)
bind k “say /y Do not free spell!“
bind k “say /y Do not mic spam!“
bind k “say /y This is your warning, please stop X!“

New rules you may not have known

Now that you have more responsibility, you’re seen to understand new information. These are some rules that would be good for you to know.

Lockdown rules

If scholars are allowed to fight, or if the gates are down these following rules do not apply; and a warning should be given before detaining.

If Dorm Astraeus scholars try to open their door, tell them to get back inside. If they do not, you may detain them. If they are baiting the door (doing a back and forth type motion) you may detain them after they have been warned

If Dorm Eos scholars get close to the door give them a warning, if they continue you may detain them. If they are baiting the door (doing a back and forth type motion) you may detain them after they have been warned

It doesn’t matter which house dorm scholars are in, as long as they are waiting inside of one.


Scholars may not be detained in their dorms for skipping class, because this is their “safe zone”. They may be detained for other rules though.

Scholars may enter any dorm at any time. Read through the !rules section on safe zones: Grey Areas > Safe Zones > Dormitories -Scholar safe zone:

Enforcer Law

During enforcer law enforcers act as the mods on the server. You may detain for anything that is against the rules, and you are allowed to detain any job that is breaking the rules. You still have to give ample warnings.

For instance:

Instructors misbehaving and breaking rules
Void Disciples out of bounds
Void Captors that fail capture
Sentinels attacking scholars etc

You will NEED to have their steamID and evidence so you can make an Enforcer Law report on the forums. (https://starbystargaming.com/forumdisplay?fid=8

Class Rules

As a rule of thumb, all classes that give out spells or homework books are mandatory, and classes that do not give out anything are not mandatory. The only class that doesn’t give out anything but is mandatory is Assembly. 

Mandatory Classes - Incantations, Counters to Sorcery, Art of Spellcasting, Astrology, Ancient Magicks, Shapeshifting, Mythology, Botany, Assembly   
Not Mandatory Classes - Clashing League, Recreation, Potions, Interlude


While in class you must follow all the same rules that a regular scholar does. You may not speak during PTS (you may speak if informing someone on the rules or warning someone), you may not free spell without a valid reason, you may not be disrespectful etc.

  • You should bind Zalisifa/Empodita and lykisku/speedom to your keyboard

  • For those without mics, you can text in chat or /pm the scholar

  • RFD’s are really nice and useful but not necessary (you should Telemail them)

  • Make sure to set an example (players don’t listen to people that don’t follow rules)

  • Be fair do not get baton happy 

  • Give people a chance with PTS, they may not have noticed it, or they may not know what it means

  • Don’t sound strict (players are less likely to listen to people with a condescending tone)

  • Don’t walk around with your baton out (the player may think you are going to detain them and run away from you)

  • If you choose not to give an RFD and scholars ask you it’s best to just answer them

  • Be aware of /pm’s because if you don’t give an rfd then you might get one

  • You can detain anyone during Enforcer Law

  • Don’t be purposefully AFK for too long

  • DOS lasts for 10 minutes

  • Do not detain and RD people for no reason

  • Do not RD someone who you did not detain; this includes yourself if a Head Enforcer detained you

  • The square courtyard outside of Botany can be used as part of the classroom if the teacher pleases
  • If you are a regular enforcer you may only arrest scholars, the RP ladder goes like this  (Scholars<Enforcers<Head Enforcer<Valedictorian)

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