Looking to expand the server management team!

Happy New year once again everyone! With the year getting into full swing, whether it be school, work, or a mix of the two picking up, I hope that everyone is doing well! 

With my own personal life picking up, I would like to bring on an assistant server manager to teach the tools of the trade to, as well as someone that is ready to pick up the mantle when my time to resign has come. While I do not see a resignation in sight for the near future, I think that this would be the best step in ensuring that I can train a quality replacement while being able to have them interact with the server at a higher level. That being said, if you are interested, please understand that by being accepted into this position, you are also being accepted as the incoming server manager upon my resignation (which you will receive ample warning of).

To apply, please fill out the Clone Wars Server Manager application and title your application as [NAME]'s Server Manager in Training Application. This way it will be easy for me to parse out who is interested. 

This application will be open as long as I deem necessary, so that we can give anyone interested proper time to consider the responsibilities and if they want to commit to this. 

Again, this is not me trying to get a replacement and run, but all things do come to an end, and I want to make sure that whoever does replace me is able to get a long amount of hands-on time. My priority is the longevity of the CWRP server and I see this as a large first step. As always, PM me if you have any questions.
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Yo if I don't see Conn or A10 apply, I'm going to fucking Flip. Just saying.

*Corgi appears out of the shadows to apply. Boo Bitch*
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It seems as if my time has come...

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