(My very original idea) Server Manager in training program!

Howdy, As I have had this very original and amazing idea that I my self have thought of. (Thanks Fish)

While I don't intend to retire anytime soon (at the very least while I still have projects I need to finish) I am looking for an assistant who can learn the tools of the trade and eventually take over as Server Manager for Halo. While this won't completely guarantee you 100% becoming the Server Manager, this will ensure you have the proper foundation and experience, and a solid amount of hands-on experience dealing with the different facets of the server operations. 

To apply please fill out a HaloRP Server Manager application and state that it is for the assistant position (EX. Ezo's Assistant Server Manager App)

This will stay open until another post is made closing the program.

Best of luck to whoever applies and is accepted into the program, I look forward to working with you. 

not very original -1
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