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(02-22-2021, 08:35 PM)Toucharoo Wrote: dude that is kind of weird i hope you understand what comedy is or maybe only what you think is funny can only be funny and everyone else is wrong

Not really that weird, just had to click on your profile and its right there. You clearly have no clue when it comes to comedy since you believe "I hate jews" is absolutely hilarious. I bet the whole class forgot to laugh it was that funny.
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Hello again!

So I went over the communities feedback regarding your ban. Because of what everyone has said as well as your attitude, I will be adding an additional week onto your ban. You act like it's all fun and games when hatespeech is a huge issue. I honestly believe you are going to come back and do it again so adding a week onto your ban will hopefully give you more time to go over your actions and think about if it's really something you want to repeat. 

For future reference, if you want to make a ban appeal, put some heart into it. And if you're only appealing it to come back on and troll and you're not sorry about it, don't even make an appeal.

Appeal Denied!
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