Baguette's back?

So it wasn’t just a ghost a saw with your name, but rather the man himself. Welcome back.
There’s two types of people: 1. Those who joined the forums to appeal a ban, and 2. Those who did not. 

Which one are you?
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I don't believe we ever met since I joined July 2019, but Welcome back! 
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- Jim Moongoose-Hubbard -
- Joined July 2019-
- VIP December 2019 -
- Master Prestige 30th August 2020 -
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Brando :o
CT 3005 Mcree/CT 8905 Dominus | Padawan Minshew | Lewis Mcree-Nova
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Joined February 25th, 2017
Former Clone Wars Staff Manager
Former Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion
Former Hogwarts Mod
Heir of Ravenclaw | Wizengamot Justice | Improper Use of Magic
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I'm late on this but welcome back Brando
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Loving Husband to Erica Walker-Sinistra

Joined SBS & HogwartsRP: June 2017

Became VIP: July 2017

Became Forum Adept: August 2017

Accepted as Trial Moderator: 11th September 2017 (AEST)

Accepted as Full Moderator: 25th September 2017 (AEST)

Resigned from Moderator: Sometime in Late 2017/Early 2018.

Hiatus: Early 2018 - October 2019

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Oh shit welcome back Brando. Good to see you 
   ( Statue Krepsie )
- SBS Hogwarts VIP (3-30-2016) 
- Total Hours as Statue: 1,321
- Longest Current Player on SBS Hogwarts
- SBS Resume on Profile Page

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welcome back dudee

Sailor Etlenor Dragon Pizza Rivers Kronior

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~ Best and Former Ravenclaw House President ~ 
~ July 2016 ~
~ A Dragon since April 14, 2018 ~

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Hello all old and new faces, glad to see you all! Hopefully we run into each other in server!  TriHard
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Harrygasm Harrygasm an other QC friend i'm so happy i'm not the only one now harrylove harrylove
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gryffindorPride  Ron Barrow Weasly  gryffindorPride
Yogi the Metamorphmagus l Heir of Ravenclaw l Horcrux Hunter
Join Hogwarts RP 11/15/2019
Join Clone Wars 3/08/2020
41st Elite Corps
ARF FC Ryddon
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Hey i know this is a slightly old post but i could not resist the urge to say hello to  you!!! Welcome back buddy! please come back as admin when you got enough time nowadays.

Kappa Kappa Kappa
Hogwarts-RP: George Applewood
Minecraft: Melon_Golem

Joined: ?/?/2016 (i think so?)
HogwartsRP VIP: 4/22/21
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Hi Brando! I'm glad to see you come back :) I hope to see you on the server soon!

Edit: Just realized it was several weeks old :p but still welcome back!
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Joined Hogwarts September 2016
Married to Evan Aeternalis Heart
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