Halo RP 2.0 Release Notes!

Greetings ladies and gents, marking the 2 year anniversary of the server and being of little secret at this point, I have the pleasure to officially announce the release of Halo RP 2.0
Below you will find all the information you need to be caught up to date with the new edition of the server!

Bug Fixes!
Myself and guy have spent a majority of our time making sure the server runs as smoothly as possible to that extent we managed to solve the following;

- Reduced download size
- Shorter Load in times with fewer crashes
- Overall server overhaul with less bugs and crashes!

New story!
Taking place in 2526 almost 26 years before the battle of reach we find our selves pushing the covenant back in the outer reaches of our colonies, little do we know that new threats are brewing right under our feet, if we are not careful the Covenant will be the least of our problems.

- New campaign-style inspired events to allow players to follow the larger story happening right before them.

- New Faction events! taking from the viewpoint of the Covenant or one of the Innie factions you will now be able to experience the action from multiple sides.

- New Jobs

Redesigned and re-balanced the new sets of jobs have more to offer to players by providing a wide range of play styles.

UNSC 21st Assault Corps: Combat-focused jobs that push the front lines with brute force.
- UNSC Assault Marine
- UNSC Assault Medic
- UNSC Assault Marksman
- UNSC Weapons Operator 
- UNSC Combat Assault Engineer

13th ODST Urban Assault: Salamanders: Mobile and geared towards momentum-based combat, the Salamanders blitz through the field striking down their foes.
- Standard ODST
- ODST Recon 
- ODST Enforcer

3rd Homefleet: New naval jobs that bring the old flavor of RP with new roles with more light  RP and fun jobs inspired by other sci-fi shows and games
-Command bridge Officers
-Munitions Team
-Morale Team
-Engineering Team
-Operations Crew

Military Police: Ensuring the protection of the ship and its crew, they bring a new wide range set of tools to put down any threats.

- Military Police Officer
- M.A.C.O Officer 

Officer of Naval Intelligence: Hidden in an ocean of black inc, ONI brings a new spin serving as teachers for the Spartans while also being elite field agents on the field.

ONI Spartan Program: Re-imagined and retooled the new spartan program will have its members earn their Mjolnir armor while completing a wide range of missions and training.
-Spartan III SPI
-Spartan III Mjolnir

UNSC Army: The first full donation battalion from the server the UNSC army is equipped with the grapple hooks to reach anywhere they can imagine, the UNSC Army jobs are based on the main server jobs;
-Basic Marine
-Weapons Operator

New VIP Jobs: Two new jobs never before seen on the server, that bring a great spin on the halo experience.
- Mobile Assault Recon
- UNSC Assault Demolitionist

Event Jobs: New ways to explore enemy factions by playing as them, currently they come in Innie, and Covenant but we are looking to further expand this section.

New Ranks
We have introduced new ranks and a new system around them, now you will unlock the ability to try out for jobs via your rank.

SPC - New rank: all marines will be able to try out for their specializations, pilot, recon, etc.
SGT - Marines will now unlock ONI tryouts and ODST tryouts.
GYSGT - Players of this rank will be able to put in an officer application to become 2lt/Ensign in their battalions
1SGT - New SGT Rank

WO - Warrent officer ranks for those who want to lead on the field and train their battalion

Officer Ranks - can only be obtained by writing an officer application.

New Sandbox Balance
All NPC and Players now have these fixed HP Values
NPC - 125
Player un-augment: 100
Player augmented: 200-250

That's all for now folks!
come by our discord for additional information!
or use this link!

Jump Directly into the action by using our server link!

The Server Opens 03-21 AKA Today!

Nice update.  Few questions I am assuming the story is not lore accurate it's just based for gameplay and developing opportunities for the server, if so good idea.
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