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Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 20th, 2021

These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Star by Star Gaming ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your volunteer services on any of our services and or platforms such as and not limited to, our websites, game servers, any other media form, media channel, console or PC application, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto. You agree that by posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM APPLYING FOR A VOLUNTEER STAFF POSITION AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IMMEDIATELY.

You accept and understand that you are not any form of an employee, contractor, or agent of Star by Star Gaming. You accept and understand that the volunteer services you provide will be a donation and under no circumstances will you expect wages, salary, or benefits from Star by Star Gaming for the services provided during your time as a Volunteer Staff member. We reserve the right to remove or let go of any volunteer staff member for any reason and at any time at our sole discretion.

Any and all actions, including and not limited to, player and or user punishment, such as issued bans or otherwise on our game servers, websites, or other platforms, as well as any statements made by you, or any behavioral misconduct, does not express the views of Star by Star Gaming and are conducted at your sole discretion. You agree that all of these are of your own and you withhold full personal responsibility. Your actions, behavior, and or statements will be taken or given at your sole discretion and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of our respective officers, agents, partners, contractors, volunteers, volunteer staff, and employees, from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand due to the outcomes of your gross negligence, willful misconduct, actions, statements, and or behaviors or any other conduct on your behalf, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability while performing volunteer staff services for Star by Star Gaming.


These Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions can and may be updated at any time without notice at our discretion, so be sure to frequently check back for any updates to these terms and conditions. An effort to inform you that they've been updated will be made, but not promised, so it's your responsibility to periodically check back. By posting this application and or responding to application question (1.) with "Yes, I do agree to these terms and conditions.", you are accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions indefinitely regardless of any changes or amendments to these terms and conditions unless or until you are no longer a Volunteer Staff member. If at any point you no longer agree to these terms and conditions, you must immediately resign from your Volunteer Staff position and cease to continue your volunteer services immediately.

Please do not remove or delete these terms and conditions from your application, otherwise your application will be considered and declared void.

Applicants Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:580888456

(1.) Do you agree to and accept the Volunteer Staff Application Terms & Conditions? If so, please answer with "Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions." - Yes, I do agree and accept these terms and conditions. 

(1a) What is your most recent or commonly known in-game name or alias? - Leo Carew

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be at least 7th year to apply.) -  prestige 1, 2 year

(2.) In which time zone do you reside? - BTS 

(2a) Please provide the hours of the day that you are the most active on the Hogwarts RP server according to CST (Chicago, US), so the managers and staff know when they can expect to see you. - 166 hrs on record

(3.) What is your age? - 17

(4.) Approximately, when was the first time that you joined our Hogwarts RP server and how did you initially discover it? - I think I joined about 3 or 2 months ago and I found it over some friends on discord

(4a) How can we be certain that you will remain active on the server upon being accepted for a volunteer staffing position? - Well I had 1 month of just to clear my head and now I am starting to enjoy it all-over again and when I start to like thigs i play them NON STOP so I will be active basically all the time

(4b) Do you understand that you can be let go at any time for excessive inactivity at our discretion? - Yes.

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the server when necessary? - Yes Of Course.

(5a) When listing the 10 basic rules, please explain what they each mean to convey to us that you understand and comprehend them wholly.
List Rules below:

1: No Fail Roleplay (FailRP)
Do not take part in any action that would immediately break the conventions of your roleplay job. 

3:  Disrespectful, hateful, and offensive behavior or speech towards others is not allowed
  • Users should not use slang, derogatory language, epithets, phrases or words that are considered attacks on or discriminatory.

4: No Random DeathMatch (RDM)
  • Do not attack your roleplay peers and do not attempt to kill anyone without a legitimate roleplay reason.

5: Obey Staff and Roleplay leaders
  • You must obey the orders of your higher roleplay leaders as long as the orders do not incite you to break another rule.

6: No massive free spelling
  • Do not cast your spells without legitimate roleplay reason.

  • Casting non-damaging spells towards someone is not immediately considered free spelling. But if repeated actions occur while being asked to cease, then a staff member may be involved.

7: No Metagaming
  • Do not use information gained through unconventional methods to enhance your roleplay scenario.

8:  No Microphone/Chat spam
  • Do not make extremely loud sounds with your microphone or repeatedly broadcasting for an extended period of time.

10:    Owlpost is for significant roleplay purposes only
  • Only use Owlpost for legitimate roleplay scenarios.

(6.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be accepted for a volunteer staffing position on SBS. (100 words or less) - So, Hi I am Leo Carew a 17 year old who like to play RolePlay playing all the time because It makes me feel like myself and It also makes me feel at home and I would like to be accepted into the Hogwarts RP staff team because I see people RDM, FRP and break other rules I cannot Do anything about it and I annoy myself over it. And I also just really want to help people out when they need help because almost every time I join I have people asking me for help and when I do people start saying racist and homophobic words to me and other players and it really is just sad. And honestly I would like to join the staff team because I like to help people when they are in need, I like to punish the racist and homophobic people, I like to just be a friendly person and will this chance of becoming staff has made me so happy. And If I do get Staff It would make me so happy and I thank you again for this opportunity. 

(7.) In your opinion, which quality of yourself do you feel that you need to improve on the most? - My anger I currently have anger problems but I am trying my best to Always keep myself calm and enjoy RP. 

(7a) In your opinion, which skill set of yours do you feel that you need to improve on the most? - My exercise So currently I am obese but I am starting To go out with friends now anyway.

(8.) How would having you on our volunteer staff team benefit our server and what qualities set you apart from the rest of the applicants? - Well ever since I started RP'ing on GTAV garry's mod and RolePlay related games I have not only matured but I have also became more calm, positive and also happy also I think I would be a good asset is Unlike most people in similar positions, I thrive on going above and beyond. I'm confident that I would bring many unique qualities to the SBS Hogwarts Roleplaying community and provide many opportunities for improvement. You can confirm with my references that I improved success at my last server of being staff in, and I believe I can provide similar results here.

(9.) Have you ever previously maintained a game server staffing position, or currently are, on any other Garry's Mod servers? If so, which ones, and in which staffing positions? (List them if possible) - No not on garrys mod but on GTAV PS4 servers I am a BOD 

(10.) Have you ever previously been banned on any Garry's Mod or SBS servers? If yes, then please list approximately when, how long, and the reasoning(s). - Yes on SBS for ony 7 hours for a wrong reason So I just became year 5 and I was a aruor and I saw someone in the restricted section so I pu them incuffs and I gave them to a Max Prestige prefect and thay said I could flush them so I didnt know what I was allowed to do and not allowed to do so I went to flush them but. A mod saw me and banned before I could say anything.

(11.) In your opinion, are the server staff or the players of more importance? Why? -
So the Staff are more importance because they enforce the rules of the server and punish the player who break them.

(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (E.g., patience, response time, etc.) -

patience: 8

response time:9

(13.) If you find yourself in a 'staff-sit' where you're unsure of how to fairly distribute punishment and or handle the situation or discrepancy at hand, what do you do? -
call for a higher staff member to help. 

(14.) You both understand and realize, that by applying for a volunteer staffing position on the server, you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to role-play and or socialize freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues and or volunteer staff position tasks at hand no matter the situation and to the best of your abilities? - Yes, I understand Fully.

(15.) If applicable, please provide a list of all your previous volunteer staff applications, provide a link to them if possible, and list any reasons why they may have been locked. If they were previously accepted, please provide a short explanation of why you are no longer volunteer staff at the time of this application. (Disregard if this is your first application) https://starbystargaming.com/showthread?tid=16183

Exact same negatives brought up on your last app are still valid.
They do not go away in a few hours.

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Votes From Staff App Yesterday

your rules need some work. you are allowed to double check the rules from the compendium, just don't plagarize. your rules are completely out of order and lacking in explanation

there was a situation with you that occurred today that instills no confidence in me with you getting staff at this time. you should try to improve this perception of you by getting involved in the server without getting in trouble.

-1 for now


Hey Leo!

So in my personal opinion I'm not sure that you're fit for a staffing position at this point in time. This comes down to a range of reasons, one of the main ones being that you were kicked for RDAx2 20 minutes before you applied and you have a recent history of breaking rules. Staff are expected to not only follow the rules but also enforce them when needed. On the topic of rules, your current description of the rules is muddled and completely misses rule 2:

Quote: Wrote:1: No Free-Spelling: So none gets hurt/killed for no reason

3: No FailRP -  Simply put, don't do anything you wouldn't do IRL in Hogwarts like FreeSpelling a random student.

4: Disrespecting other members: Its pretty self-explanatory No disrepectiong Other members including Staff.

5: No being Racist Or Homophobic: So again Its pretty self-explanatory APSALUTLY NO  homophobic and racist language AT ALL  

6: No RDM/Random DeathMatch: Killing someone without a reason otherwise that will also be FailRoleplay.

7: No mettagaming: Don't use information gained outside of rp to your advantage in an rp scenario. For example, If you get Killed and you tell a friend who killed you that would be metta-gaming

8: No Microphone/Chat Spam: DO NOT Put you mic right against you mouth and start shouting and screaming into it.

9: No ERP/Erotic Roleplay: DO NOT Do or partake in any sexual activity in the server.

10: No avoiding the AFK system: There is a 20min AFK system for a reason if you download any system or backround and that avoids it would be a ban.  

These rules can be read in detail in the compendium which can help you to get a better understanding of the what the rules are and what they include. However, staff applicants are expected to know these 10 main rules without having to check them, so your lack of knowledge of the rules shown here is a cause for concern. A good way to become familiar with these rules is by hosting a few great halls, as doing so sees you going into depth about the rules and explaining them in a way that new players are able to understand.

On the topic of leadership roles, I feel like I've seen you on prefect a few times (although the job may have been neglected/misused by yourself, as shown by your recent warn) and I don't think I've seen you teaching before. Once again I believe that you should work to become more familiar with the prefecting rules so that you can use the job in order to not only properly enforce RP rules but also to help out new players when needed. Teaching classes helps to give staff and idea of how you would handle certain situations, how good your leadership and social skills are as well as some other things which is why it's important to teach if you're looking to apply for staff.

So to wrap things up, my advice to you would be to spend more time on the server taking up roles such as prefecting and teaching, possibly look to host a great hall or two, definitely look over the rules and make sure that you have a full understanding of them and are able to explain them in your own words and finally try to avoid any further rulebreaks, as somebody who is breaking rules doesn't come across as someone who's looking to enforce them.

Until then, -1.

GL with your app


Hello Leo,

There are a few issues I have with this application. Similar to what others have said I believe the rules are written very incoherently. Besides that, I believe you lack the exposure needed to be staff. You haven't been able to experience a lot of what this server has to offer, whether it be good or bad. It seems like you are rushing a little too fast into this application process, and I would recommend spending more time on the server. Get to know more people, make friends, make a name for yourself. 

-1 for now

Hello there! 

As of right now I feel there's some issues regarding knowledge of the rules and jobs, these things can be fine tuned with time and through asking questions when in game or through reading through the compendium we have. I don't remember a whole lot about you in game but some good pointers towards those who are interested in staffing are taking leadership roles within RP - some of these may be teaching, prefecting, hosting great halls or prefect meetings, through doing these things you'll generate a better name for yourself and get yourself noticed within the community and can show you have the leadership abilities that it takes to fulfill the staffing role.

As of right now I'm -1 here, good luck!

You locked your app because you were unhappy with your votes. The fact that you thought you could come back the following day and apply again does not speak well if you were to get staff. -1

hey leo i dont think you can do this you requested thread lock on your other app that was YESTERDAY because you had 1- i think the reason for this new app is to delete those 1- 's .

edit: also too soon my guy your still P1 Y2 wait it out to know the rules and i dont see you often on the servers maybe because of the time zones but you dont really prefect and i tell this to everyone but if you want a good staff app you need to understand and know the rules dont get mixed up with the other rules like you did here and do prefects meetings and great halls.

edit: and if you want to report a staff for what you said on the app you can go to the section for that.

rules 4/10
qualites and skills 3/10
overall app 2/10
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Hello, Leo.

You've recently made a staff app yesterday, and you requested a thread lock. You may not reapply again for a week (which hasn't passed, obviously), and also don't expect different takes from the community by making another app. Take notes about all the negatives that the community pointed out about you and start improving.

No vote, but if this was your first app instead, it would be a -1.
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Hey again Leo!

So my concerns from your last app still stand, and one new one has cropped up in this new application.

In your description of the rules you have copy-pasted the rules from the compendium into your application. Quoting @ERROR: NAME NOT FOUND from your last app:

Quote:your rules need some work. you are allowed to double check the rules from the compendium, just don't plagarize

Your explanation of the rules should be written by yourself and explained in your own words to prove that you understand what these rules are and what they include.

Additionally, a lot of the questions in this application are answered incorrectly, likely due to the question being misread/misinterpreted.

You should spend as much time as needed when creating an application to ensure that it goes into enough detail and that questions are answered as they are asked. My points for you to work on in-game are the same as I said on your last app. I'm going to be -1 until I see changes in both of these areas.

As Yaycob said in your last application, you shouldn't let yourself get demotivated due to negative votes, but instead should take them as constructive criticism and work to improve based upon that. Given some time, you could make yourself to be a much stronger applicant by showing that you're taking this feedback on board and working to improve from it.
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I didn't get to comment on on your other app so I want to take the time to say some stuff here:
  • Prestige 1 might be a little early to be a mod due to experience
  • Your reasoning for wanting to be a mod, while valid, sounds shaky in spots
  • The rules you put down in your other app as well this one should be more in depth and personal to you
  • Your knowledge of all the job rules may not be the best due to lack of experience
  • Leadership skills on the server with controlling a crowd and speaking might be lacking due to experience
  • It's never a good idea to apply after being confronted by staff about rule breaking
Over all your application needs to be more personal and in depth, Your Question 6 is but the rest of the app is not.

In the future you would probably be good, it's just the experience that is most lacking it looks like.

-1 from me Leo!
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In addition to my comments stated in my last app I now share Astra's concerns. Do not plagiarize in the future, I think this may be grounds for a topic lock from forum staff. apparently not, lol (edit: just realized his post was mostly posts from yesterday). Additionally, I specifically told you not to plagiarize and it now just happened in this app.

Regarding your age, this has been called into question. If you are not the listed age, then know now that you are allowed to keep it private so long as you aren't lying to the staff manager when asked privately. 

If your listed age is not accurate then you don't have to post it. Please keep this in mind for future apps.

Much improvement needed, if you are really serious about applying, you need to show it by following the rules in game and making well constructed and an acceptable app out of game. This app in its current state will not get you trial.

For me, I would like to see how you handle rulebreakers in game without use of staff powers. this goes out to any and every app interested in applying- staff privileges and powers are the LAST THING you resort to when dealing with rulebreakers. This app and what you wrote makes me feel as though they are your first line of defence.

No vote because app has plagairism and is therefore invalid. Additionally, concerns about age. Keep it private or simply just reaffirm that you are indeed your reported age.

In reading Lexa''s response, your kind of plagiarism is apparently allowed. Now submitting a -1 since the application has been deemed valid. 

Lexa- I respectfully disagree with what you said concerning this and the position. This person presented it in their own words and didn't provide anything extra. Had they at least tried to elaborate on some situations under those rules I wouldn't have commented. I didn't think a lock was absolutely necessary nor did I say so in my post, maybe a warning from forum staff and direction to fix it within 24hrs, but my expectation was a lock. And now, think about this: if every other new app decides to paste the rules in the compendium verbatim with nothing extra, then would they not be plagarizing this app?

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Hello Leo,
I’ve seen you on the server before but we have not had many interactions. Your staff application is missing a few things, such as rule 2 and rule 9, along with that your answer to 2(a) isn’t exactly what they were looking for (they are looking for the times you will be on not your gmod hours). You’re still fairly new to the server, I recommend you take more time going over the rules and how you would apply them to the server. I also recommend you participate in RP roles such as prefects and teachers to get a title on your name. Try teaching some great halls or lead prefect meetings. With that, I do not think you are fit to be staff as of yet.


Remember this is not criticism, but advice to help you move towards your goal.
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I want to clear up the validity of this application.

Whilst there is a rule against plagiarism in staff apps, it specifically prohibits plagiarizing another player's application. There is no current rule preventing someone from copying the rules from the compendium, as it would be impossible to enforce and all it shows is a lack of understanding (whereas plagiarizing a well written app appears to show knowledge). The applicant can simply copy the rules from the compendium, however, they're not going to be accepted if that's their only understanding of the rules. If they're able to demonstrate a greater understanding in person or they revise their application to give more nuanced context; their application will be better received and ti will be more likely to be accepted.

When a player requests a lock of their application, they can reapply at once, they don't need to wait. Whilst it's possible the applicant was attempting to avoid their votes, it's not necessarily the case (especially considering Yaycob gave supportive advice to take the given feedback rather than avoid it) and it's also not currently against the rules. The consequences of previous applications are supposed to be addressed by all staff apps linking to previous staff apps (this shows all the times the OP was denied, and why, it also shows persistence, if the OP is not being recognised, and it simply makes it easier to check if the OP has worked on previous feedback). I'd rather not add a time limit after a requested lock, it would add another convoluted layer to the application process, which all players would then have to deal with. At the current time, it's not an action which is really abused. If it becomes a problem, I'm happy to give a manual cooldown case by case (as community staff can do) or simply update the rules to close the loophole. Time will have to tell for that one.

Plagiarism and cooldowns don't apply to this application, and so it doesn't need to be denied at this time.

P.S. Prestige 1 is an acceptable time to apply for staff, there is already a year requirement (0th prestige, 7th year), and it has been satisfied in this case
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