Kinda A Pre-emptive Suggestion

(1) What name do you go by: Edgar

(2) Your suggestion: Lower the point costs of forum shop items.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: As we steadily lose more and more ways of posting and gaining forum points, for example player reports going invisible (please can we have public reports back) and now recently Server Suggestions disappearing, avenues of point gain shrink and shrink without balancing of points required for purchase. The majority of peoples points used to come from a split between both of these sections, and now with both of them gone its mainly ban appeals that accrue points and that's about it other than the here or there general discussions post that doesn't get moved to pointless.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: Some people might be annoyed that others got forum items cheaper than they did, but at the same time those people had a wider avenue for gaining points than those in present time.
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I can easily +1 this. I and others have been using the new forums since day one regularly, and we still seem to be far from reaching forum master. This applies to forum expert as well. The only people who have this are people who consistently point farmed or old staff members. I don't feel like waiting another year, or spam threads with annoying comments to get more points.

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More and more people are starting to use other platforms separate from SBS and the forums to exchange information and ideas. This has a lot to do with the rules and how they are enforced, growing distrust of the forum staff and players distrusting the community in general.

I never thought that the community suggestions section would become private. I figured that the ban appeal section and staff app section would be private long before the suggestion section, if anything. Making the community suggestions section private just makes the ivory towers that much more apparent and that much more taller.

Anyways, to the topic: with the shift to a ticket-system I suggest all forum points be reduced at least 1/2 to 1/4th their current amount and all forum shop items be reduced to that amount as well. Additionally, keep the point gains the same. 

A lot of people have their current points from a time where there was legal spamming rather than enforcement, closing of topics as staff, and staff section posts from a time before discord. Getting forum points is, and has always been "grindy."

User interaction needs to be incentivized and shifted to more roleplay-oriented topics and posts. Sadly, a lot of the things users strive towards are things that need to be grinded for, and steps have not been taken to guide away from this mentality.  A person with, say, a Community Event Planner sort of position could organize ideas to engage the forum users in ways which motivate players to participate in the community and grow it. The implementations do not feel appropriate for a community of this size.

Overall, this needs to be addressed at some point. It is not the end of the world if nothing changes, but steps can be made to improve the quality of the forum and community, while facilitating input, without removing its vital limbs.

One thing I am grateful for is that the the lesser of two evils occured- the open/old suggestions were archived  as opposed to hidden from public view (the latter is what happened with the player report section).
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yes, yes, yes
The two areas of the forums I commented on the most are now gone.....
Please reduce the price of stuff on the forums
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neutral I could honestly careless what the prices of stuff on the forum shop are and probably most other people don't really care either 

but whats up with the server suggestions ??

are we unable to view server suggestions now or have we moved over to some sort of different system and no one has posted anything yet ?
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Foing stuff like hiding sections just makes the forums less interactive tbh

There's not really much to do but respond to apps now  feelsbadman 

I personally don't like the forum shop idea, but if player reports and suggestions are gone forever, then ig.

I'd rather see those sections come back, that would give more incentive to use the forums, and the forums can be just as fun as the servers sometimes.

If neither of those two happen we have to resort to our last option... bring zooby back. He always brought the most fun... I miss u  harrylove

+1 but would rather see the last two options first
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I agree with Tryone, in that since more sections are being hidden or being made to where you can't get points, then overall the community as a whole is going to get less points over time.

I just think it would make sense to lower the value of the forum shop items in response to this.
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I don't think this is a situation which is likely to change in either way, as points aren't really the focus here. The changes to the Player Reports section were in the aim of creating a more private reporting environment, and that's not really an pressing issue with other forum sections, the change to the Hogwarts Server Suggestions is even more specific, it's simply a change to make development easier for Guy's workflow, which again, isn't something that needs to change for any of the other forums. I don't really expect other forums to become un-pointed (blunted?) so I think it's reasonable to address the current state of affairs. It is kind of a difficult problem to quantify the point changes; roughly 15.5% of points from posts can be tracked to the portions of Player Reports and Hogwarts Server Suggestions which aren't available, but the secondary effects of increased/decreased posting in other forums just become speculative. Essentially everything is going to be decreased a bit, it's not going to be a large change, but it will partially offset the alterations to the Hogwarts Server Suggestions and Player Reports section.

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