Governatoure Kick me for no reason

While I agree with the general consensus that Mr. Governatoure has done no real wrong doings, I do believe that it is ridiculous to just assume that all players know the ruleset of all 140+ custom jobs. Everyone is saying that he broke rule arresting unarrestable job. As a new player how would you know that ?????????????????????

Honestly hard to tell if the guy was messing around and arrested you to be funny or if he genuinely did not know that your job couldn't be arrested. Either way, it would be nice to give an actual explanation simply saying that you were playing as an unarrestable job.
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I gotta agree with Jerome on this one - although in a technical point it is indeed RDA due to that job being unarrestable there are also so many jobs to know specifics about and know exactly what is and what isn’t arrestable. On the same note I don’t believe Maledictus should be in classes as it is a Dark Force/Rogue but I could be wrong here; there’s also the point that in chat you were staff dealing with a situation which also takes this out. 

On another note GM’s aren’t required to take sits but I do also feel on this occasion taking a player aside - especially a non prestiged player and informing them that your job is unarrestable would have been the better route to go.

All I see from this is a staff member dealing with a situation in a class and a player actively prefecting as he should but to be more informed in the future - there’s so much to learn for everyone and realistically no one is in the wrong here. Gina does well in his staffing role and typically Bosh does well as a prefect when he’s on.
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Hello, While I was looking at the the replies and footage and i agree with most people.

While yes it is RDA and it is judged differently a kick can be issued. 
On the other side there are a lot of jobs to know the rules for I believe a simple sit would have sufficed. 

While no big punishment will be issued to the staff in question they will be reminded that there are situations that can be handled differently with just a sit instead of going for the kick.

Report Accepted. 
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