[Hogwarts RP] Server Manager applications are open

Hello Everyone,

As of today we will be taking Applications for people who are interested in becoming Hogwarts RP Server Manager. Please keep in mind that this position does hold a lot of responsibility for the server as a whole.
If you are looking to apply you may do so here Community Staff Applications ! Make sure to use the correct format when doing so.
We encourage anyone to apply that feels they are up to the challenge with this position. 

I wish all those who are applying the best of luck on their applications!
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Thanks, I look forward to my new position.

I'll be in Teamspeak awaiting my training, thank you again for this position.

- Finkle, the new SBS Hogwarts Server Manager.

(ps i look forward to all your name appeals)
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I'm clearly the most qualified person here. 
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(07-12-2021, 04:36 PM)San Mercy Wrote: I'm clearly the most qualified person here. 
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Give it to this man right here
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I feel like @Officer ree anna is a good candidate for this position.

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ty for the job, ill make sure to ban everyone, and hijack the server to shutdown ronscared

unban my boy duck
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