Trevor's Server Manager Application

Going to have to agree with the other -1’s, whilst I don’t think you’d be a bad Server Manager, the points brought up by others are concerning and I agree with them.


Good Luck.

The good

Trevor has taken a proactive approach in matters concerning the server since the position has opened up. He even reached out several months ago to resources and attempted to get a better understanding of what the position demands and fill in his knowledge gaps, moreso than anyone else he has shown a lot of growth over the past 3 weeks. 

People have been bringing up potential issues that aren't really issues at all, I've not seen evidence of the bias people are talking about in the way people mean it- Trevor is generally lenient to everyone, but he can be a bit of an enabler. This is not always bad, as it can lead to some of the more enhanced instances where people in turn enjoy the server more at the slight expense of others, but I will list one situation below where this backfired.

I think his approach is generally healthy, he knows how to have fun and more importantly how to let others have fun. I've seen and experienced him working co-operatively with staff, including myself, to make events for players. I haven't really experienced this with staff members other than Trevor, Pierre, Jacob, Gina, Mike, and Ophelia (I've had some good encounters with Ryte but don't really get the opportunity to do events together). I've also seen Trevor reach out when he needs help, something most staff don't even do.

We also had an issue back in December which was really upsetting, I had a wild accusation thrown against me that I felt Trevor tried to make stick because another staff member and a former staff member told you something contrary to the reality of the situation. Normally, this would be a negative, but Trevor handled it very effectively and diffused the situation after hearing what had happened. 

Trevor has also reached out to me over certain matters in staff or understanding certain server-side things better. I do appreciate this and take note of here. 

The not so good

I'm going to limit this to encounters directly relating to this position you are trying to get. 

1. This may come as a surprise to others see, but I do feel that Trevor can be a bit too sensitive in ways that that can hurt his chances of being selected. For instance, I recall last year making a Corona Virus event and having to change it around/salvage the event to be called the pseudochameleon virus event due to his complaints while I was running the event.  

It was a 4 phase event and he started telling me to shut it down in the second phase, after the build and the virus was already introduced to the school. This was after the server had already had 4 COVID events from other GMs (that I had experienced, there may have been more) and I had even had a superadmin complement my build and idea for this event as I was making it. Had I myself not been willing to try and compromise around what the (at the time) moderator was saying, players would have been deprived of the very memorable experience of doing the event and I would have gone against one of the things that I said I wouldn't do when I signed up

Quote:5. Never halt an event- It's not unheard of that an event will go horribly wrong. Common problems include: Server crashes, chronic lag, mass exploiting, disobeying of event rules. If any of these things happen, it's important that you seize control and continue the event until the end, even if you have to set it up all over again. Sometimes it may happen that the server crashes persistently for unknown reasons. But it's important that you do NOT halt, for when you're executing an event, the situation is a lot bigger than yourself, and it involves a server full of eager people.

In this event, the players were going to be working to cure COVID and understand it better, and what goes into testing cures with clinical trials, with resources being made available and obstacles to overcome, rather than make a mockery of it. I remember being told how insensitive I was being by using Covid and segregating classrooms, and being made to change it after players had already got invested/involved. I recall how stifling this was to my creativity, and it always gave me the impression that I had to step on eggshells around you going forward. Being oversensitive to the point where you tell your GMs they can't do certain things is a hindrance

2. Bringing this up makes me want to bang my head against the desk, because I really do see both sides of it, but it is the white elephant in the room that should be noted, because it can be mistakenly seen as the source of bias from many. You didn't know that a player on the server was having a marathon to break the known record for being on server in one sitting. The player also shouldn't have overreacted in the way he did, maybe he should have told one of your friends that he was having a marathon and needed to be in that exact location. He may have felt he was going to get trolled even worse than he was accustomed to if he let everyone know what he was doing. But I need to point this out- you've had me walking on egg shells to respect your sensitivity on topics relating to COVIDbut you weren't sensitive and conscientious to another player in this instance. This player had disconnected due to computer issues, then someone you spend a lot of time with took up the job slot and went to the location - you then put a text screen up, which mocked the disconnected player. The player came back and saw what you did and left server without a word- something everyone laughed at and no one even reached out to him except for people who reached out I think two weeks later after discovering he was no longer logging in due to something you did. I recognize the baggage that the two players have, and maybe you didn't fully realize what you were doing when you did it. But while I state you were too sensitive above, you were also insensitive here and enabled another player to mock a player with a simple text screen, and you should have followed up with the player who left server when it happened.

3. Another issue is that when I approached you back in January (when you were very active) with a concern over the nonexistent enforcement of this area of the Grey Area rules:

Quote:Fighting and Fleeing the Quidditch Pitch or Hagrid's Hut

  • Once you enter the Quidditch Pitch and begin casting spells or have someone cast spells at you, you are considered to be engaged in a fight. 

  • If you are engaged in a fight, you must actively participate in the fight. Flying around using spells or SWEPs, making you unhittable, is considered abuse of those respected items. (This example is okay to do as long as the animagus cooldown is not avoided: Fly into the air >> Cast a spell >> Land (3-second cooldown on SWEP should be here) >> Repeat)

Lax enforcement on this is partially responsible for the sad affairs of PVP right now. People want change in the hitbox for dragon, but a temporary fix is already in the compendium. My complaint at the time was shared with Ryte: it was about someone who was flying around in dragon form, healing themsellves, and abusing the dragon SWEP to become practically unhittable while healing and disobeying the specific "Fly into the air >> Cast a spell >> Land (3-second cooldown on SWEP should be here) >> Repeat" instruction here. Many rules were being broken, and you interpreted none of it was an issue. This wasn't because you were lazy or too lenient though, which is the argument of others. You stated it's not a thing, that Michael clarified in the previous meeting, yet it was never edited out of the compendium, which was in your realm of control to bring up. I went to other admins for second and third opinions, who agreed that it was abuse of the SWEPs that violated the gray area rules, despite what you were saying, but nothing was going to be done about it since you had already made your ruling about the same complaint (it would have been "admin shopping"), even though you were outnumbered by peers of at least your same rank who disagreed. 

The situation was: if they choose to fly in the air on their SWEP and cast spells in the air, their feet have to be on the ground for three seconds before lifting off again with the dragon leap.  We had someone, who was later proven to be breaking rule 10, who was also abusing this unintended use of game mechanics which there are rules in the compendium to minimize/stop- which is ultimately how the server manager will approach things. Yes, Guy can code it so that Voldemort can't go to the restricted section and gets poofed back to the graveyard- but it will be too many dev hours to do and there are more important things to implement, so instead we tell staff that Voldemort can't go into to the restricted section, rather than code it.  

Your response seemed to have been to a different question that I did not ask, which you seem to think I asked, which seems to be "If they turn into human do they need to wait 3 seconds to use a spell" - which is what Michael clarified there to be a "no" on, but this did not refer to the situation where someone is flying in the air and casting spells. Because of this misinterpretation and application, it has had a ripple effect as it was shared and set precedence on how to handle the situation that is currently an issue. It's since become a "If you can't beat them, join them" mentality, which is why people on customs continue to engage in dragon PVP ever since the update and abuse the tiny hitboxes to become practically unhittable to be on the same playing field, or avoid PVP with certain people who abuse it altogether since nothing is being done about it (which is what I do).

Admittedly, I will state that this situation required a bit more critical thinking since a similar question was asked at around the same time. People also dedicate their playstyle on server to dragon PVPing,  when it's written in the rules that the way they do it is abuse of the game mechanics. Feet need to be on the floor for 3 seconds after landing if you use a spell while airborne. The easy thing to say is "Everyone gets away with it- so what?" You can argue for status quo and get a lot of people on your side to back the decision, but you cannot disagree that dragon PVP is detrimental to PVP on the server, and we already have the means to resolve this issue through staff until a better hitbox is introduced. In the report, you said what the person was doing was shitty, but not breaking rules- but he was, he would get hit, go into dragon form, and his feet would never touch the ground until he was fully healed. Each time he cast a spell, he would also go right back into dragon form and utilize the tiny hitbox it has to evade shots. This is only a thing because staff choose to allow it. The external pressure of having to tell people they are wrong could be working against you here, which is why this doesn't weigh as heavily as it should. There was also no way of knowing if your actions/inaction here would be brought up again in a server manager app a half year later, yet here we are. I feel you should have argued for change, especially since you believed it to be a problem, but you didn't. 

If this app was last year when he just got admin, I would likely be a -1. If this was in the fall, perhaps a neutral to -1. If this was back in January when you were handed that very complicated case, I'd be a neutral and I think you would have used it as a talking point (Honestly- this is a lost opportunity, you could have used it as a talking point in this app and it wouldn't have even been criticism, but a strong point where you could have expressed growth if you found it relevant).

The Conclusion

I am not blind to the progress and growth that has occurred over the past year, and even the past 6 months. Yes, activity is also a concern and it may influence things, but if we are to hold the supers more accountable for activity and take Trevor at his word, then activity has less of an impact on my position. I do think you would step up to the plate, at least until you settle into the position (then all bets are off). There are a couple things I would like to see from you before putting my full support behind you... disclosing and defining them here would result in satisfying them being a contrived effort; however, but I am looking for positive change which you can impact. You have a lot going for you right now, but I still have my concerns just as anyone would. Let's see a bit more initiative. 

Rather than doing what is expected - do more.

Neutral to slight +1

after being provided with more instances of you being overly sensitive recently by people who resonated with my feedback, i'm changing to Neutral
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So first im going to start by saying the few times i had interactions with Trevor  have been fine and good but i agree with Ryte and Ophelia.   It seems like from my point of view you turn and blind eye to certain group or people. My vote is changing  -1.

I agree with most of what Con said, however, I did see much change before I resigned. Another negative I have is that it was definitely more than once that you went MIA. You did have good reasons, don't get me wrong, but you went MIA 2-3x that I can remember while we were staff together and apparently again after I resigned. So I don't really have faith that you would continue to be active if given the position. 

Lastly, your relationship with certain people on the server is a def con. I understand that people just like to throw the word bias like it's a volleyball, but I've definitely seen you give certain people far too many warnings/let them slide too much, and defend things that made no sense, but like Con said the biggest event out of all of that when certain people were doing their harassing thing and you basically helped them out. Like I said you got better, but I can only imagine you got better bc you were told to not continue, and as Server manager, you wouldn't really have to listen to anyone, and I'd hate for these individuals to have any super helping them harass ppl.


You improved a lot and I would like to believe that we put our differences aside and became at the least staff members that could staff together and have a good time while doing so. You gave me some great ass advice when I was heated about a certain instance and did show yourself off as a good leader (I honestly appreciate how you came to me and helped me out when you did), but consistency is what is lacking and I feel like there are other applicants that could do better with the position.

GL on your app tho
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I understand the concerns people have with your activity over the past few months however after the way the last year has been I don't think that should be held against him as since I have been on the server he has always been relatively active, really approachable, lovely to talk to. I know that since you became admin you have worked hard in the position and I feel like you always have the community in your best interest and I feel like you would do well in this position. You are a great person and I am so glad I got to staff with you in the past.

Huge +1 good luck in the app  Heart Heart
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