Enzoe's Hogwarts Server Manager Application

Another -1.

You come across as overly serious, your app has 0 effort put in to it and you've came through with the mentality "I'm perfectly happy with my current position".
That's great but having this view is something no one should want as a super, either you want the position, or you don't.

Seriously, go look at other apps and the effort they've gone through to show how much they want this position, nearly every other applicant has put serious effort in, where as you and Jacob have done this half arsed app. How the flying fuck anyone has read your app (which I doubt very much they have) and gave this a +1 is simply based off of their bias towards you as a person, not as a applicant, if you applied for a open position in a real job that requires a big leap in terms of power and abilities, you'd be tossed to one side and not even looked at.

Great sure hee haa you make people laugh, but as Con stated, I put in @ chat the other night about someone who was actually scripting and NONE of you bothered to pull your fingers out of your arses to even look into it, all because you're doing a gambling event :) Not what I want to see from someone who doesn't actually want to be Server Manager.
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Going to have to agree with the others, you do come off as too serious most times, and your activity isn’t the best, which isn’t good for someone who is wanting to be the Server Manager. In my opinion, they are better applicants.


Good Luck.
Always trying to improve as a person.
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So i do have to agree with the others but the most of the interactions was pleasant.  Also another issue could be play time but  im dont know many hours staff need ro be on. Neutral to +1 

(07-20-2021, 01:08 PM)Jackson Novak Wrote: So i do have to agree with the others but the most of the interactions was pleasant.  Also another issue could be play time but  im dont know many hours staff need ro be on. Neutral to +1 

Enzoe was among three staff members that inspired me to become staff, he was kind, wasn’t harsh on me when I made mistakes, always had an answer to my questions, and was overall an amazing staff member to deal with.

Enzo has damn near never not* had an answer to my questions, He's always been kind, professional, has displayed good leadership qualities, and has an amazing voice LUL

I personally don't find enzoe to be strict, but maybe we're both strict or sumn [Image: tenor.gif]


Enzoe wouldn't be my 1st pick out of all the applicants, but would surely make an amazing manager IMO
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You are such a great person when you are online I feel like you are always creating RP with whatever you are doing or who you may be speaking to. You are a really nice person and a great admin. You have been on this server long enough to know how things work and I feel like you have the perfect level of creativeness to be a great server manager. If you were to get this I could see you doing really well in the position! 

+1 good luck!!
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I have not played on the server for some time, so I have not interacted with any of the staff members either. Also,two of the current applicants as of today 22/07 (Trevor and Mike) I don't know as I did not staff long enough together with them to form an opinion. Thus i'm basing my vote on my previous experience with 3 of the staff members I have been staffing together with for some time, back when I was staff. (Gina, Jacob and Enzoe) 

Enzoe would be my #1 pick out of Jacob, Gina and him. 

They all have different strengths and weaknesses.
What I liked most about Enzoe is that he was always calm and mature, staying always away from drama and more often solving it by himself.
I can't however say the same about Jacob and Gina, thus Enzoe would be my pick. I even believe he could be as great as good old dadstro himself.

Gl on your application
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I want to say a lot about applicants ~(nothing bad)~ but I just find the choice so tough to choose from so i will try and copy and paste this to all my choices. Between Enzoe, Gina & Jacob I give all a +1 I know you all have different opinions about me but at the end of the day, we are all human, not everyone is the same or has the same way of thinking.

First choice would have to be Gina. Many still go on about the past and issues that happened but over the years that I have known Gina, She has grown to be so professional in her role as gamemaker, activity on the server is just fab, experience of commands etc are top notch and I know if you had to do changes, you would change it for the good of the people and the server and you are a peoples person. I personally think you would be the best person for the position because of these reasons and you will give what the people want from a server manager.

Second Choice would be Enzoe. A very friendly person who has came a long way since i was first introduced to you a long time a go and you do have what it takes to be a Server Manager, professional when it comes to commands, serious issues and also fair on moderating/admin issues. A people person but only one thing really stands out and that is your activity. If this was better then you would of been the number 1 choice for me. +1

Third Choice would be Jacob. Same as Enzoe in all aspects of professionalism. But again, activity could be better. You do tend to stray a little when you get involved with certain crowds and your moods do change but all in all, apart from activity, you would be the first choice if the others weren't applying.
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