Aite, I'm gonna put my final say here because honestly, this thread is a joke at this point.

Walden, you do still dance the lines, I firmly believe you know what you're doing it when you're doing.
You're not stupid, you're not reformed in the slightest.
Ritchie called you out on something you did that he didn't agree with you doing, which from everyone else's POV, you used him as a way to instigate drama with another player, unlike Ritchie, I will say it was Josh Solo.

You're not the only person to be put on thin ice, you have ANY idea the amount of times I have had POI threads made on me, the amount of Community ban threats I have received.
I have had staff in the past purposefully spectate me and everything I did when I got on the server because they wanted me banned.

My stance remains as my original, you want it removed so you can freely go back to breaking rules, otherwise why care?
It's not hard to just tell staff that something was an accident, record, not hard.

Hell after my first comment you came at me with this "I wAs NeVeR tOxIc ToWaRdS yOu".
What this meant that people you know or friends that you assume have no issues with you, can't give you feedback without you literally sperging out on them.

You want the harsh truth? You need to grow the fuck up, stop starting drama over fucking customs on a make believe wizard server.
Stop going after people your friends don't like, stop calling people names when you clearly don't know them or know they don't like you.

You do NOTHING to better yourself, hell, try chat shit to me on this thread how you do none of this when you join discord calls I am in and openly talk about the shit you get upto and stream mostly everything you do, also joining just to bitch about whoever is buying customs and how you're gonna get kicked off and that if you do something will happen etc.

Its childish, you're childish.
Hell most staff even know that if it wasn't for the absolute backlash they'd get from you, some of them would've already handed you a perma.
(Look no further than Joe Masons comment, a lot of staff actually give you chance after chance, how many more do you need?)


Stay on thin ice and actually PROVE you've changed.
Otherwise the way you're going, it's a bye bye Walden.
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This whole thing is completely two sided, to say Walden can be banned for anything depending on which staff member is also the opposite as he does have friends with staff as well. You have had to have made the choices to get into this position and I have no doubt that it is right for him to be on thin ice. I'm not talking about the harassment issues, I'm talking about these so called repeated offences, you knew exactly what you were doing, when you were doing it. This post is meaningless and you should really just sit back and enjoy the ride, you don't need to break rules to have fun, you don't need to prepare for a future mistake if you just live in the present everything will be ok. I'm also very sure since you have broken nearly every rule on the server more than once that you know the rules pretty well, since you apply over and over for staff so following rules and not making mistakes will be a cake walk for you. 

This next part is about the harassment stuff. You are the reason I have to record now, I have asked you numerous times to leave me alone and it took staff interference for you to actually stop. You try to claim pity for being on thin ice for a long time but you don't think about how you have made others feel. I for one have become severely depressed because of you and your group, I've stopped pvping because it saddens me that I get treated like I'm beneath you. You say you have changed/reformed but literally the other day I was sitting on the bench and it looks like your favorite sesame street word is "retard". Still you show no respect to old or new players, it will be a very long time before anyone will consider you a changed man.

Well the thread reached it's final point, which is people that hate me using it to shit on me, so I don't think it matters anymore.

I still believe I shouldn't be on thin ice for anything other than harassment, as it's been 6 months since I did anything apart from that.

A lot of people brought good points, and I hope staff actually look into that.

Now to the people that came here to shit on me, well if you want to see the change then log on to the server, most of the people here that commented shit about me haven't seen me in the server in the past month and they're just using this thread to add fire and start more drama.

To the last two comments, everything you guys point I already explained before and I won't repeat it over and over again.

If you wanna see the reformed me, at least log on to the server..

Thread closed as requested! Thank you everyone for keeping it all respectful.
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