Calculated Time it takes to get from Year 1 - Year 7


20xp = 6% at year 1. **Doubles per year.**
20xp = 3% at year 2. 
20xp = 1.5% at year 3.
20xp = 0.75% at year 4.
20xp = 0.35% at year 5.
20xp = 0.18% at year 6.
Year 1 - 16 classes.
Year 2 - 33 classes.
Year 3 - 66 classes.
Year 4 - 133 classes.
Year 5 - 258 classes.
Year 6 - 555 classes.
Now taking into consideration you get 10xp per 5 minutes of playtime and assuming it's 100xp doubled per level need to level up.

You get 20xp per 10 minute intervals (per class period).

Which is just taken from time not collecting homework. So you're looking at a lengthy period of game time. Taking both into consideration of collecting homework and game time would be:
Year 1 - 8 classes.
Year 2 - 16.5 classes.
Year 3 - 33 classes.
Year 4 - 66.5 classes.
Year 5 - 129 classes.
Year 6 - 277.5 classes.

The minimum game time then required to get to 7th year from year 1 is assuming you get all homework clases:

5315 minutes.
88.58 hours.

Taking prestige into account you times that by 7 and the minimal amount of time to get to master prestige is:

620 hours.

If the values are incorrect, I'll update this post.
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EXP Values from Year 1 - Year 7
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So Based Off My Logs as a Statue when I went from 1st year to 7th Prestige 7th Year this is closely as accurate as it gets. Use this as a guide for any newer players who ask this in the future. 

Good Job on calculating the XP Time. 

Again As A Statue I didn't pick up Homework.
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Idk it took me 6 months to get 7 Prestiges when i was on 10 or 11 hours a day collecting homework every class (never miss a class)
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My FAQ here said it was about 40-80 hours depending on if you get homework or not, i'll be sure to include this thread with the math in that section when I update it. Gj!

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On the old forums, when they announced the new prestige system and such, I remember a value mentioned by Guy being around 550-570 hours total, with no homework, to get from 1st Year to 7th Year Max Prestige. This is super well thought and closely accurate. Good maths, and thank you for posting this.

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I made a full ass simulation program for guy like 3 years ago right when xp books were added to see if they would be too op
but the entire class algorithm has changed since then so this is no longer really that accurate

Doesn't it take longer as you progress through the prestiges?
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(09-04-2021, 05:25 PM)San Mercy Wrote: Doesn't it take longer as you progress through the prestiges?

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around 100 hours per prestige because you don't always gets homework classes which sucks

i got like 7 non homework classes in a row lul

I think guy said it was possible to do it in around 500 hours with absolute perfect situation (Every single class homework etc) but that is highly unrealistic 

You'll lose lots of time due to non-homework classes. Being snatches. Some minge mass RDAing or mass RDMing lol... etc

It took me around 700-800 hours to hit Master (That was playing very frequently and skipping spell clases) however..

That was also with staffing (Around prestige 2 I think I was made staff) and being snatched here/there cause was always a target for snatch xD 

Still interesting to see everything all broken down though! 
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