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Hello everyone,

After several weeks of consideration, it has been decided that @Jacob Williams will be taking the helm as the next Hogwarts RP server manager. This was one of the toughest decisions for a managerial position I've had in all the years of SBS. I truly believe that every applicant we had could have filled this role admirably in their own way. This is the first time I've ever been able to confidently make this kind of statement. However, after some lengthy consideration and gathering of data, the general consensus was that it just simply made the most sense to have Jacob take over this role at this time. I will be working closely with Jacob over the next couple of weeks through his transition into his new role until he's comfortable taking it head-on. I do believe Jacob is eager to get a lot done during his tenure as manager, and really wants to work closely with the community. Your cooperation during this time and during his tenure will be vital in accomplishing this. Thank you to all of our applicants and to the community for providing your feedback, it's been extremely instrumental in making this difficult decision, and it's very much appreciated. More information regarding what the future will look like or plans that we may have in regards to his time as manager will be coming very soon.

Star by Star;
- The Guy
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Awesome man! 

Congratulations!! Be the best you can be chief!
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Congratulations Jacob!
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congrats mr. williams. ik you'll do great :) pls unbind 0

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Congratz Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I’ll never forget the first time meeting you when you snatched me and kept telling me I was going to get EVERRYY LASSST INCH!!! congrats my man you deserve it
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Congrats Jacob!!!
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