Poll: Which Dorm theme concept would you prefer out of these two options?
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Primarily Greek, Add More Elements
15 31.91%
Mix in multiple Mythologies
32 68.09%
Total 47 vote(s) 100%
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Dorm Themes

As for Dorm themes, we feel really set on the idea or concept of each Dorm being represented by a mythological god. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be or stay entirely Greek. Perhaps other Mythologies can be tied in as well. For example, we currently have the Greek Gods of day and night, perhaps we can add more dorms in the future and the rest could be various mythologies, such as Norse, Egyptian, you name it. If we primarily maintained the concept of only Greek Gods, we could use elements, such as fire, and ice, or even concepts such as war, love,etc. Please vote in the poll or share your opinions or own ideas.

Is there a preference as i do know a lot of pagan gods in general and i may be able to help, would it be a theme of balance between them more then anything as the Egyptian pantheon is very ripe with balance. You could also just state all of the dual deities that show balance as well.

I would love a little bit more diversity in all honesty.  Roman & Greek are pretty much the same, but now Aztec could be a nice addition.  Using one of the known gods like Quetzalcoatl or something like Yemoja from the Yoruba tradition.

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