Alex's Spell suggestion list

This list will be updated every so often, feel free to discuss any that I list and offer your feedback!

Blood Sacrifice - Master Prestige 2

40 damage hit, leech 20 health from who you hit. Simple enough. Equal cooldown to Mostro.

Dualcast - Noble Prestige

Your next spell cast ignores the spell cooldown. Only applies to spells with internal cooldowns such as Smokescreen or Home Teleport. I'd put a long CD on this one being used.

Boost - Master Prestige 1

50% damage increase to your next spellcast. 10 second CD.

Flames of Ares - Triumvirate

Cone knockback, ignites everyone who was knocked back.

Waves of Poseidon - Triumvirate

50 damage spell unless the player is in water, then it works like abracadabra.

Zeus's Lightning - Triumvirate

10 damage dot for 5 ticks, applies the slidus visual effect each tick. Interrupts use of spells during the damage applied.

Evening Star- Dean of Starbright

Old Firestorm as a pure white spell, applies knockback as it once did before.

Morning Star - Void Overlord

Conjures a black hole at the casted location, pulling all nearby players to the point.

I'll add there is a reasoning for evening star and morning star being as they are, morning star is a name used for eosphorus who is essentially greek myth's lucifer. hesperus is the evening star, so having the dean have that would be interesting.
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