Galaxy of Magic | Significant Update | New Dorms, Spells, & More

Galaxy of Magic July 2022 Update | v1.1 | New Beginning

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Howdy, gamers!

For some of you, this may be your first time seeing an announcement from us since our previous server was forced to close its doors. With that said, there might be a lot of confusion while reading this and a lot of missing context in general. You may even be wondering, what in the heck is Galaxy of Magic? What happened? Well, you can read more information in the previous announcement that was posted when our website first reopened, before reading this announcement, here In regard to this announcement, however, we will be going over the immense amount of new content, positive changes, and improvements that this update has brought to the Galaxy of Magic server. We believe this is the first major step into reestablishing the server and finding our new identity, as well as the direction we want to take the server. Originally, the server was going to be either entirely or primarily themed and based around Greek Mythology, but we've since decided, based on community feedback, to splash in a bunch of other Mythologies too. We have an enormous amount of details to share, so let's not waste any time and get right to it.

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We've replaced the previous two dorms we launched with, with SIX new ones. You read that right, six. Each dorm is represented by a God from a different mythology, and each God represents the specific attributes that the dorm itself also represents. We've had custom runestone icons made to represent the dorms, brand new and unique scholar models made with an extensive amount of customization, an updated dorm 'election' system, and a revamp of the class system.

Starting with the dorms;

Dorm Kratos, founded by the Greek God Kratos. This dorm represents strength and vigor.

[Image: dorm_kratos_200.png]

Dorm Hachiman, founded by the Japanese God Hachiman. This dorm represents glory and honor.

[Image: dorm_hachiman_200.png]

Dorm Concordia, founded by the Roman God Concordia. This dorm represents peace and tranquility.

[Image: dorm_concordia_200.png]

Dorm Thoth, founded by the Egyptian God Thoth. This dorm represents knowledge and wisdom.

[Image: dorm_thoth_200.png]

Dorm Loki, founded by the Norse God Loki. This dorm represents deception and mischief.

[Image: dorm_loki_200.png]

Dorm Arawn, founded by the Celctic God Arawn. This dorm represents terror and despair.

[Image: dorm_arawn_200.png]

With these new dorms, naturally, comes a new dorm 'election' system. This is essentially a revamp of the old system, redesigned for our six new dorms. It features the new icons, as well as new visual and sound effects.

[Image: KO2k1Sp.jpeg]

[Image: tcMnbg3.jpeg]

[Image: XKv4DBH.jpg]

[Image: Ha0c8MQ.jpg]

We've also introduced a new unique statue model that you interact with in order to use this system, being a statue of Themis. The goddess of order and the gods will.

[Image: E32246CE6C568A58793933A6EFC9CE50CFEC2B81]

Finally, with the addition of all the new dorms, the class system needed an overhaul. The timetable has been changed and updated to reflect the new dorms and has also had some overall improvements as well.

[Image: 3RjCSCS.jpg]

[Image: jIWDiVC.png]

On to another big part of this update, the new scholar models for the new dorms. We have introduced new witch and wizard models that are both very high quality and very customizable. In fact, these are the most customizable models the server has ever had. These models are already pushed past source's limits, but we hope to test those limits even further in the future with these models as well. With various head types, skin tones, hair colors, and accessories, there are hundreds of combinations of body groups that you can use to make yourself stand apart from everyone else. There are recolored male and female variants for all six dorms as well as the undergrads.

[Image: M3JsBSM.jpg]

[Image: PInUzDq.jpg]

[Image: NktmnTI.jpg]

[Image: KyD05ul.jpg]

[Image: dHNUfFW.jpg]

[Image: EeuiuLK.jpg]

[Image: sklsoPd.png]

Included in this update is not only an entire overhaul of all the names of the existing spells but around 20 brand-new spells as well. We had plans to add more new spells, but due to time constraints, some spells had to be cut until the next spell update or update that includes new spells.


All of the existing spells were renamed, and here's what we've settled with for now. It's worth mentioning that a lot of these new names may also not be final, we wanted to quickly get the names changed to something more simple and easy to understand, which would in turn give us time to work on making them more unique in the future, should we decide to go that route anyway. A lot of the new spells are reflected here as well, but not all of them. We'll go into more detail regarding the new spells below.

[Image: DEY9Yc6.png]

In case you missed it in the previous announcement, with the reopening of the server under the new theme and name, we introduced 14 new prestiges, and the !prestiges command has been updated to reflect the new spells that have been added that can be unlocked via prestiging specifically. More information regarding the prestiges can be found in the previous announcment that was linked at the beginning of this one.

[Image: GKb3Oni.png]


Scrub-a-dub cleans decals and is mostly effective on props. It can be obtained at Acuity 1 or higher with Waterball learned.

Malfundo I is one of several new spells that are being categorized as 'stat' spells due to their status effects. Stat spells cannot stack on a player and have fairly long individual casting cooldowns. If a player is under the effect of any stat spells at all, no other stat spells will work until the status effect wears off. This means individual players can only be under the effect of a single stat spell at any given time. Malfundo I imposes a 5% chance of your opponent's wand malfunctioning for 60 seconds and can be obtained by reaching Acuity 2 or higher with Disarm learned.

Recoil I reflects back 1 damage to your attacker each time you are damaged. Works for 12 hits before wearing off, and can be obtained by reaching Acuity 2 or higher with Unbreakable I learned.

Divinate reveals the last spell that was performed on your target, and it can be obtained by reaching Acuity 3 or higher with Starlight learned.

Enfeeble I is a stat spell that imposes a 5% decrease in the amount of damage that your target inflicts for 60 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Acuity 4 or higher with Viridio learned.

Spellepathy is a telepathic spell that causes the target's subconscious to 'echo' the last spell that they performed. It can be obtained by reaching Acuity 5 or higher with Smokescreen learned.

Vulnerability I is a tickling stat spell that imposes a 5% increase in the amount of damage that your opponent takes for 60 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Acuity 6 or higher with Giggle Jinx learned.

Recoil II reflects back 2 damage to your attacker each time you are damaged. Works for 10 hits before wearing off, and can be obtained by reaching Acuity 6 or higher with Unbreakable I learned.

Batchoo tickles your target's nostrils causing them to sneeze out bats, and can be obtained by taking your first leap into Prestige 1.

Amnesia erases specific memories from your target's mind. Makes your target forget which spell they were about to cast. (Switches their active spell to 'None'), and can be obtained by reaching Prestige 2.

Recoil III reflects back 3 damage to your attacker each time you are damaged. Works for 8 hits before wearing off. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 2.

Vulnerability II is a powerful tickling stat spell that imposes a 10% increase in the amount of damage that your opponent takes for 60 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 2.

Deafen renders your target unable to hear anyone speak for 10 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 3.

Enfeeble II is a stat spell that imposes a 10% decrease in the amount of damage that your target inflicts for 60 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 4.

Vengeance paying homage to OSRS, rebounds 75% of the damage of the next hit that you take back to your opponent. It also, at this moment, trades one-hits, and has a very long cooldown. We understand that alongside the new stat spells, this spell will vastly change PVP meta, but we believe it will add a level of refreshment as well. We are open to the percentage of reflected damage changing if necessary, as well as removing one-hit spells exchanging with Vengeance. We want to, at the very least, give it some time and a chance to trial the spell exactly as it works in its current state. Be sure to voice your feedback regarding this spell specifically, as the way it currently works is not set in stone. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 4.

Shank used to precisely and accurately cut something. If used inappropriately, it could cause death or injury. Inflicts 25 damage per landed cast. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 5.

Malfundo II is a powerful stat spell that imposes a 10% chance of your opponent's wand malfunctioning for 60 seconds. It can be obtained by reaching Prestige 6.

Vengeance Other allows you to apply the Vengeance effect to other players. It can be obtained by reaching Master Prestige 4.

[Image: xVECX6Q.png]

There are dozens of miscellaneous updates that have been completed since the server reopened that were either implemented within the weeks following or were specifically introduced in this update that are worthy of mention. Some of these were even completed months before the shutdown of the original server, but never had a chance to be mentioned in an update announcement until now. Here's what else was done;

  • Added several new models of various races of different species from other realms and or planets to replace the placeholder model on the "Wandering Scholar" job. Added an additional playable slot to the job. Fixed the ability to collect homework and spells. Fixed the ability to be able to go to either active class while playing as this specific job when two separate classes are active without needing V.I.P. to have this perk.

  • Added a new Phoenix V.I.P. job that has two different variations of models with different animation sets. One of these animation sets is brand new and for the first time will allow us to add other bird-like creatures for jobs in the future. The Phoenix can fly, heal others, and is reborn (respawns) in a burst of fire in the position where it last died.

  • Added a V.I.P. Cyclops job to remedy the Giant jobs we lost during the transition. The Cyclops also has a few different skin variants.

  • Added a V.I.P. Cerberus to remedy a similar job that we lost during the transition.

  • Added a V.I.P. Manticore job. The manticore has a sting attack that inflicts continuous damage similar to that of Blade Frenzy.

  • Added a V.I.P. Satyr Companion job to remedy similar job(s) that we lost during the transition. However, this job is not neutral and is purely Celestial-sided. We plan to add a counterpart for the Void, being a Void Companion, very soon.

  • Added a V.I.P. 'Familiar' job that can heal and follow a 'master' of their choosing.

  • Added V.I.P. Enforcer versions of all the new dorm jobs to remedy jobs of similar nature that were lost during the transition.

  • Added a V.I.P. 'Autolycus' job to remedy a similar job that we lost during the transition. This job has the ability to pickpocket just as the previous version of this job.

  • Made body groups randomize on initial spawn to make all newly spawned players look vastly different from each other. A simple but nice touch.

  • The new dorm icons were added as chat emotes. There are two different variations of these icons for the emotes.

  • A blacklist for jobs that can be DOS was created and any jobs can be easily added to this blacklist by recommendation.

  • Added a console print message for the admin/gamemaker "psay" messages so that players can refer back to the message if they missed it initially.

  • Added a KOS command similar to that of DOS for leaders such as Elite Sentinels and the Starbright Dean. This can be used to put a kill-on-sight on revealed Void or otherwise.

  • Replaced the Starbright Dean's male model with a new version and added a female counterpart.

  • Changed the "Transfer Scholar" job name to "Wandering Scholar".

  • Changed the detained player console print messages to include a players Steam ID to match the kill console messages.

  • Obliterate now works over armored players who have obtained armor by means of the Armor Potion or otherwise.

  • Players can no longer trap other players with a perfectly timed combination or exchange of Entomb and Entangle or other freezing/locking spells.

  • Disabled the ability to cast Ghastlius Hexio while crouched or while in the air.

  • DOS console print message color was changed to be more noticeable.

  • Freerpname ability was given to Moderators.

  • Players can no longer be bucked while riding shapeshift forms that are under the effects of the Entomb spell.

  • Players can no longer stand up from sitting on another player's back while the shapeshift form is under the effects of the Entomb spell.

  • Players no longer take damage while in detainment or while in Celestial jail.

  • Removed an unintended feature of the familiar potion that gave the player 50 HP randomly.

  • Switcheroo and Tongue-Tie no longer work on Instructors with active classes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error sign to appear above the player's head and disappear almost instantly afterward upon job change.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players who died to Obliterate, Cineres, or similar things that damage players using the same damage type to walk around in a 'ghost'-like mode.

  • Disconnect chat messages were fixed and now correctly display and appear in chat.

  • DOS status now properly removes on death.

  • Generally fixed a couple of exploits with Ghastlius Hexio that allowed the player to reach (far away) places they shouldn't be able to otherwise.

  • Fixed an exploit with the Shrink spell that allowed the player to bring Shapeshift SWEPS from one job to another that wouldn't otherwise have them.

  • Fixed the arrow projectiles for the bow SWEP randomly getting stuck in the air, though a new job will need to be added to V.I.P. to remedy the job we lost that primarily used this SWEP. We are open to recommendations.

  • Numerous bug fixes with the Wraith's Essence Absorb SWEP. Most notably, players in a "Wraith Fight" no longer take any form of damage, with the exception of the wraith's victim, only inflicted by the wraith themselves during the fight sequence.

  • A bug related to being able to grab cuff-pinned players as ghosts, shapeshift forms, and other restricted circumstances while they were pinned to specific entities has been fixed. It should no longer be possible to interact with restrained players period in any instance under these aforementioned circumstances. IE: While playing as a ghost, while in a shapeshift form, or similar things of this nature.

  • Blade Frenzy no longer affects players in various protection spells such as Swiftguard, Unbreakable I, Unbreakable II, etc.

  • Blight no longer randomly kills people with low or 'zero' HP.

Final Notes
  • We are still actively looking for and open to suggestions for virtually every aspect of the server, including and not limited to models for various existing jobs, or even new ones, maps to test or use until our custom one is ready, and much more. Please continue to share your suggestions or feedback in the 'Suggestions Discussion' section of the forums, here

  • We've already added a new version of the rp_medieval_v2 map that we've been using since reopening, that we've just recently discovered. It removes the weird invisible boundaries the previous version had, changes the water to real water, and alters the overall map in a plethora of ways that we believe are a vast improvement. However, the lighting on the map is a bit duller than the other version. We are open to the idea of hiring someone to edit this map further for us since our mapper is so heavily tied up in our custom map. If you know anyone or are able to yourself, please reach out to me via forum PMs.

  • The Acuity or Prestige that you unlock any of these new spells at is subject to change, so be sure you are aware of this before acting surprised in the future, in the case some of your favorite spells are moved around.

  • Due to the number of new spells all being thrown onto the server at once, even though these spells have been rigorously tested, it's very likely there will be bugs or other issues present, and maybe many of them. It's easy to have a lot of oversight over potential issues or bugs when you are testing so many new things with a small number of people. The testing will be accelerated since the spells are now on the live server with more players all using them at once and over time. In any case, please be sure to report any bugs on the forums, to staff and managers, or, if game-breaking, to myself.

  • When we first reopened the website, we did some polling on a few main aspects of the server, such as the dorm concepts and scholar model concepts. We will likely continue to use this method in at least some capacity to help make bigger decisions moving forward. This will be more helpful than ever since we are actively coming up with our own theme and concepts for the server from now on.
I have been working every single day tooth and nail since the shutdown to reopen and re-establish the server to a state and quality that you are all used to and expect. With this first major update to the server, I feel confident that it's a great first step in returning to normalcy. The original goal was to get the server open as quickly as possible, and with a majority of our content having to be changed or removed, and the server essentially being “blown up”, I quickly threw the first things I could find or think of at basically everything. Whether it be models, names, formats, layouts, etc. I didn’t expect much of what was done or changed to stick, especially since we no longer have a specific theme to follow; we have to charter unbounded territory with a new concept. It took a long time to establish our server even in the previous theme, years in fact, so it’ll take some time to re-establish and build quality content for our new concept. I do believe we’ve already made massive strides and this first update to the server has really propelled it to a more established state than it was even just a few days ago, let alone when we first reopened. At the very least, I’d recommend giving the server some time and another chance, if not now with this update, but in the coming updates. Give us some time to get enough stuff made to make up for what we've lost and I think you will all find enjoyment in the server just as you have before, and at the very least, a lot more than when it first reopened or the last time that many of you have played. Good things take time. Once our custom map (mentioned in more detail in the last announcement) is completed enough to be added to the server in an early Alpha state, the server will feel a lot more like the overall experience you had in the past. This new map is going to be leaps and bounds better than our old (custom) one as we are taking the old design, improving on it, and adding a lot of cool new areas and elements that weren't part of the old one. More information regarding the custom map will be shared soon, but do know it's heavily in the works and we are making great progress. We have a lot of great and exciting ideas planned for the server. The beauty of being free from the bounds of an already existing theme is exciting and has lit a strong creative fire for me personally. Thank you for being a part of our community and for giving us a chance.

Star by Star;
- The Guy

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