The Grand Archery Tourney!

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The Duchess of the nearby Autumnwind Castle, which you all know as Lady Claribell, has invited everyone in Starbright and the surrounding villages to a most prestigious and triumphant event:

The Grand Archery Tourney!

Many years ago, being skilled with a bow and arrow was a very respectable talent, even with the presence of magic. And today, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their own ability in the art of archery.


Due to the limitations of of the surrounding area, with many trees and uneven land making it undesirable to assemble a decent archery range, Duchess Claribell has taken it on herself to use her magic to create a skybound one! And do not worry, to those without the means to fly or use proper magic, there will be a path available.

Anyone may participate in the tourney and it is completely free to enter! If you wish to take part, you will have your name written down for scoring purposes. But note that signups will only be available for a certain amount of time before the event starts.


There will be multiple segments to the tournament to test your skills, requiring you to shoot at targets, balloons, and objects, some of which will be sitting on top of people's heads!

Each person will be given a score based on how well they do in each section. By the end of the tourney, there will a grand winner along with two runner-ups!

3rd Place will receive 100,000 Gold and a nice balloon!

2nd place will receive 250,000 Gold and also a balloon!

And 1st place will receive 500,000 Gold, a balloon, and they get to keep the bow they used!


The event will be held on Friday, August 5th, around 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Although the exact time can be subject to change depending on certain things. 

There are also pictures attached below of the archery range!

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope to see you all there! :)

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The archery tourney was a success! We had ten participants, and out of them three winners were announced!

In 3rd place was @@Adam Wrinkly, who won 100,000 Gold!

In 2nd place was @@Eddie Cannoli Ragno, who won 250,000 Gold!

And in 1st place, the winner of the Grand Archery Tourney was @@Oprah! And won 500,000 Gold!

And so event is concluded! I hope everyone on at the time had fun :)

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