Pass the Bomb!

Pass the Bomb

Hehehe! Time for some fun and games!

Come 1 come all! To the most suspenseful game you ever did see! A game of wits! A game of boldness!


Can you survive the bomb? Passing it along all while that timer ticks, waiting for that beautiful explosion!


The last shall be rewarded, the earliest shall be shamed…

Event rules:

Pass 2 bombs around the square until the bombs explode, if it explodes on you, you’re out.

[You will not be aware of how much time is on the bombs, creates extra suspense!]

1st place: VIP or Open Whitelist Custom + In game chat tag: The Bomb
2nd Place: 1 million gold

The Event will take place on the 1st of November at 5PM CST

( Also make sure to check out Larissa's event coming up soon! )

Event concluded!

"Evan Potter" was the winner, with Azkaman being the runner up!

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Event is concluded by Bella! I hope everyone had a blast!

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