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@Ryte Lionheart and I will be running Kerplunk!, a spleef-type competition on Friday, November 4rd, at 5pm CST!


What do we do?

There will be a large platform, everyone will be given weapons to use, and the goal is to destroy the platforms and props below your opponents and be the last one standing!
There will be multiple rounds, and person to survive the most of them wins!


What do we get?

1st place prize will be the choice between VIP and an Open Whitelist Custom, as well as a spiffy new chat tag!
2nd place prize will be 750k gold
3rd place prize will be 250k gold

Don't miss it!


Event gonna have to be cancelled for tonight, it will instead be held tomorrow at 5pm CST! Post has been updated to reflect that :)

Event concluded! Larissa won and gave vip to Teku, and the title to Lexi! Thank you to those who showed up!

Event is concluded by Ariel! And also thread is closed too.

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