Jack Frost's Frosty Challenge

Calling all young scholars!

Come 1 come all, Jack Frost's time has come to fall.

Pass his challenge and be rewarded greatly

Or walk away most shamefully.


Hundreds of snowmen stand quite tall,

It's going to be an absolute ball!

one by one the snowmen (hiders) all sneak by,

While Jack Frost's Minions (seekers) try to find them so they die!


Event happening on the 19th (Monday) at 6PM CST

Temporary Shapeshifts      
Gifts to break open    
Weapons and health to fight bosses      

And remember! Hopping on also gives you access to the double xp happening currently as part of the festive season! Really useful for getting through the new FIFTEEN Prestiges!

Event Concluded!

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Event is concluded by @Bҽʅʅα*:・゚✧ :)

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