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(11-22-2018, 01:26 PM)Gwendolen Brooks/Snow-Nova Wrote: Still gonna -1 this. 
If a regular player had this name, it would get changed so fast. They'd come into the name sit and forced to change their name even after being asked to pronounce it. Staff/nonstaff follow the same rules and shouldn't be treated any differently.

Gwen said exactly what I was thinking, -1

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how people can't see that it says 'are you deep' is beyond science

-1 lmao
Friendly gud boi back at it again
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I’m with @Albert Sterling on this one, I think the name should be allowed because I also read it the same way that he explained it to us. I understand people not agreeing with it I totally get it but, who says that it has to be sexual if that makes sense. +1
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half the server was pulled yesterday for having bazinga as a last name and i think thats a lot less offensive "than are you deep" so -1 harryannoyed
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This name appeal was brought back from the dead more than Voldemort...

I do support the name though.

If people wanna see Are Ya Deep... They have a dirty mind.  

Don't make me log on as peeves and go full Randy Savage on you.  I swear I will elbow drop you from the top of the quidditch pitch towers!
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Agreeing with Gwen word to word

And don't understand why you can't change the first time (★‿★)  -1

Please do not necro old posts over a month old. 

Unfortunately, you'll have to make the name appeal again Alberta. <3

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Name appeal accepted.

@Albert Sterling
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