Life Alert Event

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"
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(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - 
STEAM_0:1:48075668 , Gina Governatore 

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) -

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? - 

St Mungos Hospital is allowing a lucky dozen students to engage in work experience.
12 students will be given an unlimited supply of medkits, with three trusted students being given a defibrillator (blue stun stick). They will also, of course, have their wands.

St Mungo Hospital has sent three 'Healers' (Magic Doctors) to test out a cutting edge invention: 
Life-Alert for Witches and Wizards
Knowing the students of Hogwarts care deeply about the elderly, such as their teachers...
well, St Mungos has decided HOGWARTS is the place they want to test their new system!

A system of lights is established.
There would be many 'lights'
(props, most likely just hula girls or buttons that light up) 
each light bearing the name of an elderly Hogwarts denizen.

All lights would be pitch black. BUT as soon as one of the elderly folk start reporting problems, it lights up red: students must respond by rushing to the person(s) aid.

The old person using the LIFE ALERT SYSTEMwould be given the 'heads up' by the GM : told exactly when to start having health problems, what to advert, how to act, etc. 
THE LIFE ALERT SYSTEM is controlled entirely by the GM and is a PHYSICAL construction that can be viewed by the event participants.

The GM may choose to give the St Mungo's Healers (who are adults, there to guide the dozen students through work experience) 
a space for PassiveRP. 
Not just a place for the lights, but a place for operations, check ups, etc.

Examples of old people and the possible medical issues they could report through life-alert:

History of Magic Prof - Convulsions and fainting, later revealed to be caused by menopause 

Herbology Prof - Seizures... I mean, she's the Herbology Professor. We all know why she's getting them.

Potions Prof - Cardiac Arrest

Transfig Prof - She's fallen and she can't get up

Caretaker - Keeps bumping into things and getting blood everywhere. Always needs to be bandaged up. Might need a wheelchair.

Dumbledore - This jolly cuddle-bug has pancreatic cancer. He's going to need to be brought in for that. Also: his hand is cursed. Probably needs that checked out.

Bathilda Bagshot (Nagini) - Nagini, Voldemorts undercover snake disguised as an old woman is having trouble keeping up her disguise: she is after all, reanimating a corpse. Students use the life-alert around her neck for her when she suddenly starts coughing up blood. Nagini might ultimately fail to keep up 'the act' and just disappear, leaving insects coated in black pus in her wake. (headcrabs, flesh material, colored black)

Cornelius O Fudge (Minister Fudge) - Minister needs a heart transplant. Elves must be hunted down as their hearts are similar to Wizards. Once 5 elves are hunted down Minister Fudge reveals he will NOT have his heart replaced with an elf heart. Cornelius is (once all hearts are collected) taken to a different place for medical treatment. He yells abusively at the students, spouts anti-elf rhetoric and claims he will "get a human heart one way or another" before leaving.

Please keep in mind, for almost all of the above propositions (except Dumbledore and Fudge) students would give medical attention at the location life-alert is used, and the elderly-folk are not brought to a place for treatment: they are treated on the scene

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -
The event will run smoothly song long as
-St Mungo's Staff (at least one of them) AND
-All 'old people' (teachers, etc.)
are in discord/ts with the GM conducting this event.

The (12) students given medical tools should be split up in groups headed by one of the St Mungos Staff or the Matron. This keeps the RP cohesive, and ensures there aren't just a bunch of students loitering around with no clue what they're doing.

*There are also a shyte-ton of Magical diseases like 'dragon-pox' that could be used: the GM would just have to utilize the color toolgun, paint toolgun, etc. to really make the person look sick. 'The person' would also have to be... well, a not-terrible actor.
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I have fallen and can’t get up. 

Save me. 

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+1 Obviously! By far one of my favourite events I've seen Gina come up with (I mean besides the honey chicken I still want my honey chicken event I need honey chicken) plus the caretaker speeding around in a wheelchair sounds wonderful
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I think it would be a great idea to allow students to be a part time medic at the school.

Also, why limit just the elderly people?
Let's say a student has a condition as well (a more rare occurrence than the elderly roles) and they need help.
I think this would be a grand event for players (especially those with a paramedic and medical background) to see how stuff like this would properly work. :3
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Lmao literally wtf did i just read and watch LIKE wtf

literally LMAOOO

Neutral atm because i still have no idea what I just read lmao
This looks like an event kelly would do
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