Hasta la vista, baby

 I'm going to try and keep this short.
I want to thank everyone for the experiences over the past 3 years.

SBS is no longer for me and I think it is time for me to hang up my hat.

I most likely won't be returning to the community but I wish you all the best. 

If you wish to stay in touch, message me privately on Discord. Otherwise this is goodbye.

Sincerely, Zagan.
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I’m so sorry to hear that you are leaving. 
You do what is best for you though, maybe in the future you will pop back and see how everyone is doing. 
Sad to see you go, will remember you.
~ Kyrie Animus-Knight ~
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cya in 2 we- jk take care dude, breaks are healthy

Bye Zagan! sad to see you go but i suppose everybody does at some point...thinking about why i haven't yet...
I hope to see you back on in the future but until then i suppose, HAVE FUN!
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See ya around
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Farwell Zagan
Dont be a staranger and dont loose your spells
Wish all the best for your future
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Totally understandable dude, you can hit me up if you ever wanna play something else.
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Take it easy bud
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